Usage of postnomials

Suppose I have a variety of postnomials like a Doctor of Science degree in physics(Sc.D.), a licence to practice law (Esq.), top certification in education (NBCT) and security (CPP), and fellowship in the Shiny McShine Fan Club (FSMF).

Is it appropiate to use all of these postnomials in every instance such as:
The problem with the death penalty is the the godless criminal isn’t tortured enough!
Saint Cad, Esq., Sc.D., NBCT, CPP, FSMF


Do I use the postnomials only appropriate to the matter at hand such as:
Dear Parent: Your student is a complete idiot and after talking to you I now know why.
Saint Cad, Sc.D., NBCT

Dear Sir: Be advised that it it is against fire codes to have the sprinklers use burbon and supply your floor wardens with glasses, ice, soda, and mint leaves to celebrate the Kentucky Derby.
Saint Cad, Esq., CPP

Use of all of them would be in the event that you wanted to be insufferably pretentious. I have several postnomials, but use them only when I’m speaking within the recognized bounds of my experience or education. Some of them I don’t use at all because they’ve been superceded.

Vlad/Igor, BA, BS, MS, MT(ASCP)

Yes, it’s completely up to the person about when they are used.

Personally, I just use my title, not my degrees.

You are not wrong, but to use your “titles” where they are not really indicated or needed comes off as pretentious

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You also use proper VB tags, you nondescript penguin.

Well, provided you actually are allowed to use the titles or postnomials. In some jurisdictions, it is illegal to use one you are not entitled to. Germany, for example, is very picky when it comes to use of academic titles.


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