USB b to USB c adapter

I don’t even know if I’m saying this correctly. I’ve got several USB charging cords that fit into my old Samsung S7 phone; I have a new Samsung S10, with the newer charging port. Instead of buying new charging cords that fit the new phone, I’d like to adapt my old cords.

Is there a simple small adapter piece that I can fit on the end of my old cords, so it fits into my new phone charging port?

Alternatively…I would be interested in taking the new cord version and finding an adapter that allows me to still plug use the older style port on my backup battery pack. I don’t want to carry two cords…(one to charge the battery pack with the older style plug) and another cord to charge my new phone from that battery pack

I got confused on amazon on the adapters they have available.

I’m assuming you mean a micro usb to usb c.


I ordered these back in 2018. They work great.

They make B to C adapters, sure:

Also A to C cables, for your battery pack, etc

But you need to know what sockets are on your devices; there are pictures if you scroll down on this page:

Since your question has been answered, I’d like to ask you a few.

I switched from a samsung j3 to an s10 a few months ago, and the experience has been bad enough that I’m switching to an iphone when taxes come back.

With my j3 there wasn’t this “bixby” garbage with its attendant button located inconviently next to the volume buttons, was bixby a thing on the 7s? What about the supposed “parental controls and monitoring” (system software that can’t be disabled/removed that sends all your data back to samsung regardless of who you are or if you use it or not, “digital wellbeing” they call it) there are several other “services” that are thinly disguised spy apps, transaction trackers, location trackers etc, that are “system apps” and cannot be disabled, all of them send your data back to samsung. Is this something that’s new or did samsung start this crap between the 3s and 10s?

My s8 has a Bixby button. You can’ t disable it, but you can set Bixby to be the secondary function (requires double click). I have it set to camera as my primary function.

much of this, I don’t know, as I’ve had my phone activated for only a few days. I’ve gone through most of the apps that have been automatically loaded and disabled notifications. THe Voice In requires a bit to remove…I’ve not become comfortable enough with bixby to know what it does or how to (or even if I want to) disable it.

I think it takes you to some kind of samsung website, something where you have some kind of account. Not entirely sure. Bixby on my phone can’t be disabled and I don’t remember is reprogramming was an option or not. The phone case I bought has, as it’s only redeeming feature, the ability to shave off the rubber nub, thus “disabling” the damn bixby button.

Um, in case I haven’t said so, and it’s not obvious, I’ve been, er, rather “dissatisfied” with this phone.