USB Connector on my Cable box?

Does anyone know what the USB port on my Comcast cable box might be used for?

I have a Motorola High-Def Digital Cable Box with built-in DVR. It has a built in USB jack along wth a bunch of other connectors. Anyone have any thoughts what one might use that USB port for? The manual is totally useless in that regard.

Transferring recorded programs to or from your computer?

I was thinking that might be the case, but I’m wondering if anyone can say for sure or it it’s been done.

It might be used for cable internet. I know on the back of my DSL modem/router there is a USB2 port meant for the DSL hookup if the computer does not have an ethernet port. (Not a problem for me, as I’ve got both a 10/100 and a 10/100/1000 ports back there configured as a LAN bridge.) Or does Comcast send out a special cable modem?

Yeah, they send out modems. Indeed mine does have a USB there too, not sure if that is a function of the one on my cable box or not.

Comcast DVR - How to transfer content to Computer?

Interesting. Still, that begs the question. If the manufacturer wants to prevent transfer of saved material to a PC, why did they include USB and Firewire jacks on the box? Do they have another purpose?

AFAIK the manufacturer (Motorola) manufactures that cable box with the intent that it be compatible with multiple needs and systems so they packed it with multiple IO features for maximum flexibility & potential future needs. Each cable service provider decides what features it wants active and inactive. The ability to easily export video toa PC is currently not something many cable vendors want enabled.

Ah, I see. I just wondered if they sent out an all-in-one box instead of two seperate boxes.

As was posted in the other thread, you can’t use the USB port for file/video transfer. If you want to check out TFM for a random Motorola DVR (likely similar to the one you have), it says it “Connects to supported devices”. :rolleyes:

Moving on, it doesn’t look like it lists them, but on page 33 (40 of the pdf), it shows some little icons, including what look to be a printer, PC, mouse, keyboard, digital camera, and external HD.