Use of INXS song 'Commununication'

Didn’t Bill Clinton use this as a victory song after he won the presidential race? I’ve been searching for a reference on line and can find nothing.
Am I mistaken?

I recall that it was a Fleetwood Mac song.

Have you ever listened closely to the words of “Communication”? Why would Clinton use that as a campaign song? Omar Little is right about it being Fleetwood Mac’s song “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow” that was Clinton’s campaign song:

Wikipedia says Clinton’s 1996 (DSTAT was the '92 song) campaign song was Frank Wildhorn’s This is the Moment but it appears it was actually REO Speedwagon’s Building the Bridge. The Wikipedia article is uncited and I can’t find any other source for the Wildhorn thing.

Apparently I’m very confused, but part of the confusion was ‘why use that song?’. Still, I could’ve sworn it was used in a high profile event like that but if I’m the only one who remembers it I’m obviously wrong.

It’s entirely possible. They play more than one song at a rally; lots while the crowd gathers waiting for the candidate to come out, the main theme when he does, and generally a couple more at the end.