Use of Latin in Posts (Note from What Exit)

Thanks. Google Translate gave: Greek, we do not read.

Melbourne delenda est!

Eta: a reference to a Roman politician who supposedly finished every speech by stating that Carthage must be destroyed

Είναι όλα ελληνικά για μένα.

(It’s all Greek to me.)

Actually a Greek would say something more like this:
Αυτά μου φαίνονται κινέζικα.

(This appears to be Chinese to me.)

Wouldn’t the Greeks say, “It’s all gibberish to me,” since the speech of the barbarians was incomprehensible to them?

It’s all bar bar bar to me.

That link no longer goes there, due to the merge.


Osibili, si ergo.
Fortibuses in ero.
Nobili, demis trux.
Sewatis enim?

Oh, see, Billy, see 'er go. Forty buses in a row. No, Billy, them is trucks. So what is in 'em? Cows an ducks!

Old Slavic proverb:
Vyizzer zominimor orzizaziz zanzeris orziz?

Why is there so many more horses asses than there is horses?

Thank you, colibri*


Ecce Eduardus Ursus scalis nunc tump-tump-tump occipite.

First line of Winnie the Pooh, used in SCA at times…

Caesar cari dona militari orgi versus Belgae,
Helvetii, Germani, Venetii, Britanni — iunaemit.
Romis glorius sed Caesar nomen me impunit.
Sum traedit, Vercingetorix, forin stans.
Caesar noctim sili fors ticinis nec aut.
Ab lumen nervi felo, sed Caesar, Marcus Antonius sed iubet.

  • The Gallic Wars (condensed version)

Caesar et sum jam forte
Brutus et erat
Caesar sic in omnibus
Brutus sic in at

“Dura lex, sed lex caraxus.” as my father used to say.
“The law is harsh but is the law (carajo*)”

  • Google translate translates “Carajo” as “Shit”, and that may be the best possible translation.

I always understood carajo in Spanish to mean “dick,” although it’s mostly used as an expletive.

Yes, it has no real meaning, (here in the south, at least), it means “expletive I say when I hammer my own finger”

So caraxus is your father’s translation of carajo into Latin? It doesn’t appear to be real Latin.

No, it’s dad-latin :slight_smile:

So, we’re getting down to bogus dog-Latin now? There’s always the venerable

  • Illegitimi non carborundum

Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

And this beautiful Latin palindrome which (I’ve been told, by one who knows Latin) is in fact incomprehensible:

  • In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.
    Said to be the Devil’s answer when asked by St. Thomas Aquinas: “Just what do you do in Hell anyway?”

We gather in the night and are consumed by fire.

This is meaningless dog-Latin I suppose, started by a typo:

Coito ergo sum

I (do something that looks like the word coitus used to mean engaging in sex) therefore I am.