Used Car question

You still won’t know if the car has spent significant time in a rust-prone area without the Carfax. It’s money well-spent to know the history of your vehicle.

Yes, I intend to get a Carfax. It was a dealer trade-in, but that’s no guarantee of anything.


Well, the Vibe sold over the weekend, so it’s back to the hunt.


It’s so disappointing when that happens. The right one will come along.

My SO is looking into replacing his car. At least for a Toyota Hylander, the value decrease for 1 year of age is about the same as for 10k miles. That’s based on what people are selling used cars for.

Did you buy the Escape new? This is interesting because we are probably going to have to replace our one car and we are looking for something used. I really like the Escape but never owned one. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and good luck with your search!

Patx - I bought the Escape used, with around 80K miles. I’ve driven it another 120K miles, relatively trouble-free driving. The things I like: Roomy, AWD is nice when you need it, which isn’t often, has been fairly reliable. Things I don’t like: It rides like the truck that it really is - stiff and noisy, gas mileage isn’t great.

That being said, I’m looking at another Escape. The local dealership offers a free lifetime warranty for the engine, transmission, and some other systems. I need to look at the fine print on that offer. They have a used 2015 with 22K miles for $15,500 (before trade-in), which is a good price for basically a new car. This isn’t the AWD version, though.

They also have a Kia Soul, base model, with 42K miles for $12,500. Souls are rated very highly by Consumer Reports. Per estimated miles remaining on the car, the Kia’s cheaper on paper. However, the Ford seems like a more comfortable ride.

Still searching.


It’s not a good price. It’s basically the average price (unless it’s the all-bells-and-whistles Titanium). Edmunds has dozens of Escapes (including loaded 2016 models) with similar mileage for the same price or less.

If I were in your position, I would be looking at a new Ford Focus. Because Ford is no longer going to be selling cars in the US,* dealers are offering huge discounts on existing inventory. See here for example. Margins are higher on performance vehicles so the discounts are higher too, but obviously you’re not going to get as much off a $17,000.00 standard Focus as you would off a $40,000.00 RS. The Focus is based on the same C1 platform as the current Escape but rides and handles a million times better.

*Ford is discontinuing every non-SUV/crossover except the Mustang, because apparently they are unaware that gas prices can go up sometimes.

Thanks for the info, we are in the early stages, we also have our eye on a few Hyundai Santa Fe’s. Good luck with the search, there are so many things to take under consideration.

How old is the Santa Fe? There’s a famous thread here about a 2003 or so Santa Fe where the dashboard clock (a) had a date reading as well as the time, and (b) had a strange leap year bug…

I want to say a 2008. I also saw some others, not Santa Fe’s that I’d like to take a look at. I know a lot of people find this process fun, I’m stressed!

I settled on a Rav4 with 52K for $13,500. It comes with a lifetime powertrain warranty, not that I’m depending on that - they’ll probably find a loophole if I need to use it. The Consumer Reports and Edmonds quality and reliability ratings sold me.


Congratulations! We settled on a Hyundai Tucson, (test drive a Rav 4 and liked it btw.) It’s got 64,000 on it. My husband and I are sorry we didn’t go to this dealer before, very good experience.

I bought a car recently as a work and school vehicle for a college student. It had 110,000 miles on it, and seemed to be in good shape. We have had it a few weeks. It runs good and gets good gas mileage.

The bad is that I skipped the inspection that Helena330 recommended, because the car was located 2 hours from home, and I did not know any mechanics in that area. Turns out the car had collision damage in the right rear. I am now dealing with water in the back of the car whenever it rains, and trying to get that resolved.

A couple of body shops and a frame shop inspected the car for me. They said cosmetically the repair is fine, and should hold up, and that the vehicle is straight, and safe to drive. But they also noted some corners were cut in the collision repair, and that is resulting in the leak. I am going to have someone take a crack and fixing that issue.

Worse part is, if I had spent a little more time inspecting the car, I would have discovered the collision repair myself. Next time, I will be taking a paint thickness gauge as a way to do a preliminary cut down of any cars that have had collision work. Then follow that up with a professional inspection if I am serious about buying a specific vehicle.