Used or refurbished computer, where is a good place to look?

I am looking for a used or refurbished computer and was wondering where the best place might be to look.

My old computer has a fried mother board so I need another tower that has XP Home or XP Pro installed so I can use my old hard drive as a slave drive. I wish I could just get a new one but they all now have Vista loaded and from what I have been told I have to use XP or my old HD will not work.

I have looked on Ebay and TigerDirect. I also did some googling but maybe someone on here can recommend a site.

craigslist or eBay, perhaps

Dell’s website has a ton.

Check with your local computer shops. Milwaukee PC will still install XP on new machines that they build.

I just got a new rig for work from there. Tripled the power and speed of what I used to have and it was only $300. Those boxes do run a little low on RAM…I just ordered 2GB worth at Newegg at the same time I ordered the machine.

If you want a little more variety, check out