Used Subaru Outback opinions?

I am looking at buying an Outback from around 1998-2002 . From what I have seen on the net there seems to be an issue with head gaskets going bad. Are there any other issues related to reliability? I would get the 4 cylinder model.

No clue, but I had to post a link to this incredibly cool song by Fountains of Wayne: Subaru.

Here is the deal with Subarus. They are universally loved by the people who drive them (I’m on my third), and so they are loathe to get rid of them unless something catastrophic has happened.

You didn’t say where your location is, but used Subarus in the Colorado area have a lot of hard miles on them, for the most part. Make sure your mechanic goes over it with a fine toothed comb.

The head gaskets were an issue on the years you are loking at, so make that a priority with your mechanic.

On the plus side, if you find a good, used Soob, it will give you many years of problem free driving, and do just about anything you ask of it.

Good luck!

I live in the flatlands of NC so I would think cars are not driven too hard here.

"it will give you many years of problem free driving, " Unless the head gasket goes out. :slight_smile: