Useful (pithy) Election Messaging

Then you should explain to your friends that they are the only ones using it outside of right wing trolls and left wing masochists. Every single person with any power or influence, be they politician or activist, has disowned the phrase. If your friends are still using it, then they are pretty dumb and out of touch.

Fortunately, they are likely also completely without any influence, so they are unlikely to make any reasonable person think that anyone with influence is using it.

(Not that there are not unreasonable people out there who will nutpick any use of the phrase from any source, no matter how trivial and obscure, and claim that it is the Democratic platform.)

Well, you’ve certainly got the vote of the message-board volunteers!

^ How about “Women are People, Too!”

…probably wouldn’t fly. The right would manage to twist it the way they twisted Black Lives Matter (into "ONLY Black Lives Matter, etc.).

Still, the overt misogyny of today’s GOP does need to be leveraged by the Dems into votes.