Best slogan for the democrats (next election)

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So here’s my “try”

“This has gone on long enough!”

Means something to everyone, regardless of party affilliation, is short, fits on a button, and is actually true (in a way)

what’s your idea?


Not original, but:

The country is like a car. To go backwards, put it in R. To go forwards, put it in D.

IMHO (where this is headed):

Next, please.

“Well at least we’re not him”

“This time, we really mean it!”

They have been using that one for a while.

maybe “we are not as spineless as we seem”

republican slogan “Oops, sorry, we meant to make you alll rich and bring biblical peace… give us another try!”


“Why do Republicans hate America?”

For the Republicans:

You’re welcome. May we give you another?

Isn’t there already an official slogan? “Unlike President Bush…”

Kick 'em when they’re up
Kick 'em when they’re down
Kick 'em when they’re stiff
Kick 'em all around

Don Henley and Dirty Laundry.

Better of the two evils?

the lesser of two stupids?


<SINGS> Do you know what it means, to miss, New Orleans, and miss it both night and day…?</SINGS>

Friends with [medical] benefits.

A more peaceful flavor of statism.

A Democratic strategist was on The Colbert Report the other night and suggested Al Gore’s slogan: “Re-elect Al Gore.”

“Vote Democrat ! We may be corrupt spineless weasels, but we’re still better than the even MORE corrupt Republican rabid dogs that are running this country into the ground !”

< envisions replacing the Democratic donkey and Republican elephant with a weasel and a mouth frothing pit bull >

Der Trihs we disagree on most things political, however I support this 100%.

Vote for us, the lesser of two evils rather than vote for them, the evil of two lessers.

The Democrats

We have no cohesion, no plan, no ideas.
We probably won’t accomplish anything.
But after eight years of Bush/Cheney,
Four years of inaction will seem like Paradise.