Useful things discovered by accident.

I just discovered in vista that pressing F3 brings up the search window.

I discovered this because I wanted to search a webpage, and for some bizare reason instead of doing ctrl-f I did f3.

Have you discovered cool things by accident? This doesn’t have to be computer related.

Cops talking on cell phones aren’t paying attention.

Well, everybody else already knew it, but in most video programs the space bar will pause and play. (It’s really embaressing that I didn’t know that because my boyfriend of three years owns his own video production business, but I only found out about the space bar a month or so ago. He mocked me mercilessly.)

In Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop (and probably the other CS programs), ctrl-0 will make the image fill the screen. Ctrl-1 will zoom to 100%. It works in CS & CS2, I don’t know about older than that.

Under Vista, a lot of DirectX 10 games will use the Alt-Enter shortcut to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode, same as many windows apps.

If you bought Assassin’s Creed for the PC, you now can fix that problem.