User name suggestions.

After the third or fourth time of people thinking my user name is dan fisheroo, I decided to change it.

I have emailed Tubadiva and she says both Fisher and D’fish are available. I am not looking to change my persona or hide behind a new name, I am who I am, but I want something that is easy to read.

However, and this is where you guys come in, I wouldn’t mind something that is vaguely witty, relevant, and alludes to me being female, fishing, water, or wakeboarding. (Liquid Force was a contender) I am trying to keep some variation of my previous name for continuity.

Any suggestions?




If you add an “a” to the end of whatever username you choose, chances are we’ll all remember you’re a woman. I think some of our male posters have found this out the hard way :slight_smile:

Indeed they have. Don’t just take my word for it. I know Malacandra has had the same issues as well.

So maybe Dahfishera?

fisha? Ooh, a good possibility. I’ll be back later, thanks for the input so far, folks.

Wet And Smells Faintly Of Fish - is that too many characters?


As to your allusion, see liquid force, above.