username length

I know we’ve been around this before, but onesbureaucratictendency is reminding me of it. Is it possible to limit name length, particularly for names with no spaces, or at least state a policy? Names like that really do ugly things to the layout of the forum display, particularly when they appear both in the “Thread Starter” and “Last Poster” columns. I’m looking at a display here in which the “Last Poster” column takes up 3.5 inches of my 9 in browser width, and the “Thread Starter” column is 1.75 inches. The thread column has gotten sufficiently scrunched so that some titles are wrapped to 3 or 4 lines.

I’m not suggesting that onesbureaucratictendency did anything wrong, since there isn’t a policy in place, but maybe there ought to be one.

Of course, we ALL know that PERFECT names are excaly 5 characters in length …

The software limits names to 25 characters. Posters are strongly discouraged from making long names just for the sake of it. Onesbureaucratictendency is 24 characters.

Personally, I see no reason for anyone to have a user name longer than Arnold Winklereid. I mean, it’s a user name, not a pocket biography.

If it’s configurable, I’d like to see it scaled back a bit more, maybe to about 18 or 20. Note that the name we’re picking on is all lower case, too. It would be worse if it was “camel cased” for readability, or really bad if all upper case. Even at that, it takes more space than “Ed Zotti (administrator)”, which is also 24 characters, and will usually determine the width of the “Thread Starter” column.

Sometimes the new names get through until a mod seems them & then they can change them. They do you know?

Not precisely, handy.

But we do sometimes ask new members to change their screen names. Sometimes they’re offensive, and sometimes, they’re too long - as in this case, perhaps (although I have to say it doesn’t mess up things with my 17" monitor). I don’t know if vB allows customisation of the 25-character-limit, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

waterj2, you misspelled Winkelried. Boy, are you in for a treat!

(Damn, it even rhymes.)

What would also be nice is to require that usernames be at least 3 characters long. The search function doesn’t work for only 1 or 2 characters, so there is no way to search for posts by users with names that short.

I also agree with yabob that the ideal length is 5 characters.

I do recall one person getting their user name changed to hopelessidjit, but that was an extreme case, as their original name was rather offensive. And perhaps someone could change Arnold’s user name, so my last post doesn’t look so bad.

The username here is “Ed Zotti”, which (counting the space) is 8 characters long. The “administrator” is his status. Since the “status” field is manually configurable, I guess the Admins could set someone’s status to “anothermindlesstrollwhohasnowbeenbannednothingtoseeherecarryon” which probably would mess up the column widths. (And which will possibly screw hell out of this post, too.)

Au contraire, the Perfect Ideal Username Length is clearly nine characters.

(I guess if I wanted to be a brown-noser, I would say the Perfect Ideal Username Length is eleven characters, since this is, counting the space, the length of both “Cecil Adams” and “Lynn Bodoni”.)