Using a digital camera to transport large files - bad idea?

Getting the big files from my computer at work to my PC at home has always been a problem. I don’t like zip disks, I can’t really get these files burned on CD at the office, and e-mailing them to myself is like flushing a sock down the toilet when I use the dial-up at home. Plus I don’t wanna buy anything new.

But I can very easily use my digital camera’s memory stick to carry these files. I know that it’ll work if I set up a new directory on the stick, move some of these files into the camera, then plug the camera into my Dell when I get home and download everything.

Aside from it not being the intended use of a digital camera, are there real reasons why I shouldn’t use it to store non-image files?

No. Data is data.

I for one cannot see any real problems with this. Assuming that the camera media will take any sort of format file this ought to work just fine.

I use mine all the time to move files around. Works fine.

I’ve done the same thing with my camera’s SmartMedia card. No consequences whatsoever.

Thanks. It’s good to know that Gilligan’s Island fixes don’t always get you in trouble.

Well, the only real down side is that you have to drag your camera around (unless you have a memory stick reader). I’d go for some kind of USB flashcard device (examples:

These are small, self-contained memory devices that plug into USB ports and automatically mount as removeable drives (depending on your OS, of course).
Very convenient. Write speed isn’t lightning fast, but not bad. And the price for a 128 MB device is quite reasonable.

What a great idea for a spy.

I have been using Compact Flash cards in this manner for about two years. I have a card reader at home and one at work. Sorry, no cameras allowed at work.

Just drag and drop the files to and from the CF card. If you have a notebook PC, a CF to PC card adaptor is less than $10 U.S. and eliminates the need for one of the card readers.

If I were using the camera instead of the card reader I’d probably format the card in the camera before using it to hold photo data.

I use a reader for my SmartMedia card, and that (not the camera) is what I take into work. It cost about $25, and plugs into the USB port (where the computer recognizes it as just another drive that I can drag files to and from). Last time I checked, a 128-meg card was running about $65, but it’s been awhile since I looked. Beats the heck out of Zip drives if you don’t have a CD burner at work.