Using Google to find "Cites"?

It is amazing to see when people are challenged to support their arguments or point of view (POV), how many of them go to Google trying to find a “Cite” to back up their POV.

What most of these scavengers don’t realize about “Search Engines” is that the stuff they are looking for is already removed or unreachable through engines such as Google or other Search Engines.

To prove this, just go to Google and search for some Pentagon papers that were available before Bush/Ashcroft administration came to power, versus what is available now.

Now try to find out why we are bamboozled by the “Ministry of Truth” telling us what is really going on.

I say there is no hope for Americans to have a Wake up Call considering that their bed-side Google Clock has no battery.

So news on the web is getting to be like news on TV eh? Doesn’t surprise me one bit. The news surely doesn’t want you to see what they were saying a week ago.


Somehow, Wake up call, I think you took a wrong turning at Albuquerque. Great Debates is thataway —> …

Hmmmm… on several occasions in the past, I’ve got into a debate and turned to Google in order to support my position, only to find that all available citations strongly support the assertions of my opponent and I have been forced to change my view. (We’re not talking about political debate here though)

Could you give an example of these elusive Pentagon papers? Searching for “Pentagon papers that were available before Bush/Ashcroft administration came to power” had dubious results.

Someone’s tin foil hat is loose.