Using hyperlink mouse cursor in VB (for Word)

I’m setting up a form for my dad to use on his machine in MS Word. I want it to work like the internet, so instead of radio buttons or command buttons, I used a few blue, underlined labels. Now I want the mouse cursor to look like it does when you move over a hyperlink in IE. (The little pointy hand.)

Sadly, the mousepointer property won’t cut it, so I need an image for the mouseicon form property. I did a screen capture, but of course it doesn’t capture the screen.

Anybody know where this image is on my computer?

mouse, of course.

Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

I couldn’t find one, so I made one. Doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes if you’re familiar with the process.

Download this (huge 365 byte) file:

Set the MousePointer property to 99 (Custom) and load that .CUR file as the mouse icon.

As far as I know a copy of this cursor isn’t floating around loose on your system (but it could be for all I know). I think it’s an embedded resource in one of the system DLLs. I forget which one.

Hope this helps.

Sweet, thanks. :slight_smile:

In WinNT, Win2K, Win XP, & Win 2003, all cursors are stored as individual cursor files in %WinDir%\CURSORS. I expect the other earlier flavors of Windows are the same. Moving cursors are .ani files, while static cursors are .cur files.

You can simply do a search on your C-drive for files named *.cur to see what’s available to play with.

The internet pointing hand is called HARROW.CUR.