Using LaTeX for a Powerpoint presentation...

Warning: Computer problem.

Ok, so I have to do a presentation on work that is best prepared as postscript or pdf from LaTeX. My presentation will have ‘animations’ of algorithms, and because of the huge number of slides it will require, I’ll be using Powerpoint straight from a computer. How can I put my stuff into a Powerpoint presentation properly? pppp…:rolleyes:

I entered:
pdf latex powerpoint
into Google and got this:

Seems to show some of the basics of what you want to do.

BTW: We are entering the “post-powerpoint” era in talks in CompSci. (I.e., it no longer is considered “cool”.) But you’re animations presumably need something extra.

Powerpoint won’t display postscript. You can use Ghostview to add a preview to the postscript file, and Powerpoint will display that, but it looks like crap.

What I do, which is lame but works, is to display the postscript image in ghostview as big as will fit on the screen, and then screen capture it, so I can save it as a .gif. (On Unix, xv works well for this, as you can crop the image and save in a variety of formats.)

ftg, out of curiosity, what are you CompSci folks using these days for talks, if not Powerpoint? Have you found a better Powerpoint alternative, or do you just print to transparencies?

There’s a neat plugin called TexPoint that lets you insert, edit, and render LaTeX from within Powerpoint. (It works by converting the DVI to a bitmap, kind of like giraffe suggests, but automatically.