Using pee to unfreeze car door? WTF???

Well it was another lively day at the salon today :rolleyes:

I am doing a cut on this guy and we (my other stylist, the lady in her chair, my guy and me) are talking about this cold snap we are having, the salt on the cars and how bad we need to wash them…but fear doing so because the doors may freeze…


He shares his method of un-freezing the door locks…


Then he goes on to tell us how he has saved the day of many people frozen out of cars this way a regular knight with a golden stream And he was very detailed

Ok now I’m sorry but ummmm I will say locked out of my car before I let some guy piss on it

and wouldn’t the car just freeze back up…I mean pee is wet and all…he was saying something about an acid in it that melts the ice right away (personaly I think its the 98.6 temp that does that)

I will admit it was very funny at the time we laughed so hard all 3 of us ladys had to pee. …sadly no frozen car-doors to be found :smiley:

So there ya go guys…be a man…screw the de-icer…just piss on it:p

Now if AAA will start hiring attractive women with potent bladders, and following them with a video crew…

It’s not uncommon. I have seen it suggested in various automobile publications and guides.

I would much rather pee on my car than be locked out, myself. I may even start a Car Peeing service. I need to drink more water anyways.

Let’s see - Piss on the car or freeze to death - you’re right - I’d rather die first…

Pffft. The Way of the Warrior is to always choose death. Urinating on car doors is not the true Way.

Here is an appropiate moment to verify if it was true that “Super-Piss” was the Finish name for a car lock anti-freeze!

I saw that in a book on bad trade marks and other sources, but I always wanted to check!

I recall a possibly apocryphal story about a man who unstuck his son’s tongue from a metal pole by, yes, the above-mentioned method.

Must have had a deterrent effect.

Okay, there’s a case where I would freeze to death first.

I’ll tell ya, if my current vehicle breaks down one more time I’ll piss on it just for the pure satisfaction.

On a related note…

I was reading a story the other day about a guy who was pissing in a bus shelter and leaned a little too far forward…

And you thought getting your tongue stuck to the playground equipment was painful.

I can just picture the scene:

Me, standing next to my car with my trouser snake out, pissing all over my car door.

Cop comes over and says “What the hell are you doing?”

Me: “Un-freezing the lock, officer. Honest.”

Let’s face it: any warm liquid would do the trick, it just so happens that we have a handy supply of it in our bladders.

Now, seeing a woman trying to use the same method WOULD be interesting!

I used to work at a factory and my car door froze up all the time. I would buy a cup of hot coffee from the vending machine before I left work and toss it in the crack of the door by the handle, and it would open right up. Only once did it re-freeze and I was stuck sitting there warming up the car before it thawed and I could latch the door again. Generally it worked fine for me in my beater car on those icy days.

Gee, and just last week a female friend of mine called to ask if I had any suggestions on how she could keep her car door from freezing shut. It’s an old car and apparently the problem wasn’t the lock freezing, but the door getting stuck because the seal wasn’t working and ice kept getting into the hinge and frame. Silly me, the only thing I could come up with was to spray WD-40 on the hinges and frame beforehand.

“Pffft” me no "Pffft"s. A true warrior does choose death before dishonor, but taking a **MIGHTY PISS ** is certainly a tool of the proper warrior. (Or a good use of a proper warrior’s tool?)

Perhaps you are unaware of the lost chapters of Robert E. Howard’s forbidden book Conan and the Golden River where Conan, the ultimate hero destroys over 23 undead necro-vampires by luring them into a box canyon and urinating on them?

Or the Executioner novel where, when being chased by 12 henchmen of Don Boiardey, the notorious pasta-fixated mafia kingpin, and his semi-auto is clogged with mud, the Executioner uses his own piss to clean out the barrel?

“Not the true way” indeed.


I heard a story one time about a guy with frosted over windows who decided that an ice scraper was too slow a method for him. He went into his house and came out with a bucket of hot water and threw it on his windshield. As I understand, the spiderweb effect of the cracking windshield was a thing of beauty…

Casey1505, I have heard about cracked windshields too but I have been pouring buckets of warm water over the frozen windshield for years and nevr had a problem. I would not try Boiling hot water though and I can’t see why you would need to.

No, no, no! Your friend has it all wrong. Your supposed to piss on a car door when it gets bitten by a jellyfish.

Makes sense to me, although it IS a bit disgusting. Do any of you know what one form of road salt is?

Dried piss.

see this Staff report for a little info,

bibliophage mentions it in the fifth paragraph.

It’s hot, and salty. It should melt the ice no problem.

And, if done in broad daylight, might just deter car theives!

I think you need to drink more water, Fenris. It’s should be a **MIGHTY PISS **. You’d get more of them, too.

I’m pretty sure urine was commonly used in World War II to help keep rifle parts unfrozen on the Eastern Front (and possibly in the West in the winter of 1944/45, but I’m not so sure about that). Doesn’t seem that stupid an idea to me - what other hot liquids do you normally carry around?