Using puppies to carry drugs makes me sad


The ratbags. :frowning:

Must have been Conan O’Brien’s Evil Puppy.

“I think it’s outrageous and heinous that they’d use small, innocent puppies in this way,”

small and innocent… the question is does having drugs surgically implanted in you disqualify you from being both small and innocent?

NY Times headline: Turning puppies into drug mules

My co-worker: “Hey, did you see the Times has a how-to section now?”

From the Yahoo story: “Colombian police said they adopted three dogs, one of which was being trained to sniff for drugs.”

He’s been running around in circles ever since.

“Sir, I believe we’ve discovered a drug Lab.”

Whoa. That’s some gooood shitzu.

This one made me laugh so hard I almost spit on the cat.

Too much of it and you’ll fall on your [size=1]lhasa** Apso.

Well, puppies are slow, and easily distracted, and if you’re really hard up I can see why you’d prefer some faster and more reliable means, but let’s not forget that this drug trade is illegal, after all, and bad for your health besides. Just give it up entirely, is my advice.

“Tony and Halvsie” (The Dumont Network)

Episode 17, “Halvsies Problem” (first broadcast January 31, 1960)

Tony, a renowned drug runner, devises an ingenious scheme to smuggle heroin in the US.

[cut to Tony performing an operation on Halvsie]

[cut to Halvsie getting off the plane in Newark]

[cut to Halvsie on the ground in front of Tony, frantically paddling around in circles like Curley for the next 30 minutes


I’m sure news tabloid editors all over this fine nation were practically frothing at the mouth with joy. You couldn’t concoct a more sensational headline.


I stand corrected.

Seriously though, Athe ‘gang at the watercooler’ at work have been agog about this story all day. It’s not that I don’t have any sympathy for those puppies, but…what about all the HUMAN BEINGS who have been used as drug mules for decades now? They never get the front page of the Daily News or the NY Post (or whatever is the local tabloid paper in your town). Why is it suddenly news that it happens to a puppy?

I’m guessing because most people just swallow the bag or shove it up their asses.

Here, they’re surgically implanting them in cute little puppies. The people that work as drug mules are only hurting themselves.

i think the last poster just set the bar on the google ads at the bottom.

Unfortunatly, sometimes the bags leak.