using the word 'actually'


I’m looking for the right word to describe the tone of …“actually”…as when used in a conversation as in the following example:

After reading a disappointing succession of mediocre books to learn German, he finally discovered one that made it easy to learn it. He said: "Finally! I can ‘actually’ learn the damned language now!

What word best describes the tone he’s using with 'actually"? I don’t think any of the following fit the bill: facetious, sardonic,ironic,mocking. Any suggestions?
I look forward to your feedback

Caustic? Disparaging?

Truly ?

Didn’t just attempt to learn . Didn’t just take one class or a few classes.
Didn’t just learn to poor level.

Did learn properly enough to say its a fact in the real world.

It’s almost a feeling of triumph, but a bitter-sweet triumph at having discovered the right book to learn German after reading so many previous duds.

I’m almost clenching my teeth and raising my palms/clenching my fists/grimacing and slightly nodding my head forward while I’m saying it: “Finally! I can ‘actually’ learn the damned language now!”

I don’t know how else to describe it.

I think triumphantly bittersweet describes it very well. An element of resigned relief of never having to search again, too.

I actually found that I used the word way too much. Its funny when you hear your two year old say it. She was actually very advanced in her vocabulary and speech.