Using your skull as an antenna for a keyless remote.

A friend once told me that if you held your keyless entry remote under your chin it would increase it’s effective range. I thought he was full of it, then I tried it. Many times it has worked to increase the effective range of keyless remotes for cars.

I would stand just far enough away for the remote to not work when pointed directly at the car. I would then put the “LED” looking thing directly under my chin with the buttons facing my throat and it would work. My friend said that it was turning your skull into an antenna, but I kind of doubt that.

Maybe the signal goes farther when it’s pointed straight up. (I don’t own one myself, so my testing is limited by my friends’ patience and concern for battery life)

So, my questions are: If this works to extend range, how? Is this bad for you?
Even after I know the real reason(s), I think I’ll still use the “skull antenna” thing, people seem to get a real kick out of it. Try it. Unless it’s dangerous of course.

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Jerenmy Clarkson did it on “Top Gear” (a motoring programme on the BBC) a few months ago. Held the key to his temple. Significantly increased the distance the key would work.

I have tried it and did not see noticable change. Maybe my head is defective… :slight_smile:

Khadaji, judging from experiences with faulty/touchy antennae, you might want to try smacking your head a few times and twisting your ears until the transmission clears up.

:smiley: I think maybe I’ll just buy a beter remote.