USS Gerald R. Ford launches Saturday

The next and most advanced class of aircraft carrier with 3 times the nuclear power of a Nimitz class. Lots of pics and factoids at link. I thought this line was particularly funny:

It’s nice to see the Navy keeping up with amusement park technology. LOL. :slight_smile:

edit: link to full article with pics - or click on link at bottom of original link.

They should have Chevy Chase try and christain it, but miss the hull and tumble into an amusing prat fall.

On this theme, I had a mental image of the great ship sliding down the ramp, into the sea, breaking in half, & then sinking, all inside of five minutes.

Looks like it was launched last Saturday. Daughter Susan Ford Bales christened the ship. It is one of the few Navy ships to be named after a living person: Donald Rumsfeld told Ford about the new ship’s name in 2006, a few months before Ford died.

That is one mighty ship.

A Nimitz class carrier named after Ford?!?!? What is it going to do, sail around the world pardoning America’s enemies?

I was told there would be no math.

Thanks. I’ve been catching up on my mail so I probably forgot to check the date. :o

Don’t they normally name the class after the first ship of the class? So won’t these all be Ford class carriers?

It’s its own new class, the Ford class of carriers. Apparently they look somewhat like Nimitz carriers.

We do forgive them…afterwards.

Ford ford fjord?

The USS Gerald R. Ford was sunk senselessly today by a pack of Seawolf-class submarines commanded by rogue officers.

Sinks Sunday.

Well I know one thing, I never voted for this air craft carrier, and for that matter, neither did anyone else!

Actually, quite a few people voted for Ford for president. Just not enough to elect him.

Naming a ship for a President who was not elected seems rather like naming an airport after Will Rogers. :slight_smile:

Actually, we seem to have started a tradition of naming ships after living former-Presidents. The USS Ronald Reagan was commissioned 3 years before Reagan died, and the USS George HW Bush and USS Jimmy Carter are currently in service. Whether or not Clinton gets a ship soon depends on appropriation bills I’d guess.

The third Seawolf is the aforementioned USS Jimmy Carter, so it sinking the Ford would be appropriate (and well within its capabilities).

No, I see it sliding down the ramp and then ramming into the pier ahead of it. Then getting towed off it by Secret Service tugboats.

Or anuclear submarine.

He was killed in a plane crash, he didn’t drown. :slight_smile: