V - the TV movie

Anyone remember V?
The reptile aliens who come to earth to steal our water supply.

Remember any of the actors/actress’ in it?

I can’t find it listed in IMDB by search for V or for a plot.


Wes Craven played the good alien.

Jane Badler was the main babe alien

The guy from Beastmaster (the movie) was the main good guy.

The actor who played Freddie Krueger was another (vegetarian) lizard lips guy.

No, no, no…

It was Robert Englund, aka Freddy Kruger, who played friendly alien Willie.

And Wooba, I had no trouble finding “V” in IMDb. (It’s listed as a miniseries, not a made-for-TV movie, BTW.) It was faster to find it knowing that Robert Englund was in it. Looking up just the letter V pulled up hundreds of Russian movies (I guess V is an article in Russian), plus – under TV Series – “V”, both the regular series and the original miniseries.

Once again, the imdb delivers. :slight_smile:

1983 Miniseries
V: The Final Battle (1984)
1984 Miniseries

Damn simulposts.

There was more than one good alien.

The goofy good alien was Willie “the big Zero” “That’s hero!”, played by Robert Englund.

The good looking blond guy good alien was Martin, by Frank Ashmore.

Wes Craven is not listed.