Vacation in Trinidad

Mrs. Burpo and I are taking a 10-day trip to Trinidad in mid-July. Caveats? Must-sees/do? Pull no punches. Thanx.

Trinidad has one sandy beach which is in Mayaro, rest of the coast is rocky. Island isn’t really anything like stereotypical Caribbean, very urbanized and traffic congested, just in case you don’t know. I guess it depends on what you’re interested in. Tobago is more tourist friendly and stereotypical heh.

Drink Ting.

Put Matouk’s on all your food.

Ah,…sweet, sweet research :). Was thinking Tobago as long as we’re there. Thanx to you both.

A number of “to do” items:

  1. Visit Maracas Beach, eat a Shark and Bake
  2. See the Asa Wright Nature Centre -
  3. Do a tour of the mangroves at dusk at Caroni Swamp - You get to watch all of the Scarlet Ibis return from Venezuela and nest in the trees

If you go to Tobago, take an excursion to the Nylon Pool for some easy snorkeling. We were feeding giant angel fish inches away from your face!