Vaccination + infection & long haul Covid

First a caveat, lest anyone think I’m a denier or anti-vaxxer, which I’m not

I take this pandemic bloody seriously and I’m totally for masking and vaxxing. Having said that, my wife and I both are now now fully vaxxed with Pfizer - so far so good. We’ve also heard that we should be protected from the current known variants. But to what extent?

We’re in our early 60s but my wife is a cancer survivor with a compromised immune system and I, on the other hand, am pretty bloody healthy for my age and I bike 30 or 40 kms every few days and walk 7 kms the other days with intervals of jogging.

So let’s say that one of us fully vaxxed folks get some version of Covid (variant or otherwise) but, thanks to Pfizer, we don’t get really sick, no hospitals and no ventilators etc to the extent that we are almost asymptomatic, is there any data on subsequent long-haul Covid post-vax?

Thanks all

Last I read earlier this week, there are no completed studies yet but experts the articles quote said that it’s unlikely that people who have breakthrough cases will have enough viral replication to led to long covid.

Not a direct answer, but the frequency of long covid send correlated with the severity of the initial disease.