Vaccine side-effects and deaths from the vaccine reporting system?

TIFU by actually yelling at my batshit landlord to stop talking about the vaccine and side-effects while I was trying to watch a football game that we were already getting creamed in. (To the point where I put a movie on late in the fourth quarter.)

Where’s this VARS site that’s reporting stuff like Bell’s Palsy, heart attacks, and tens of thousands of deaths from the vaccine? Is he full of shit? Tell me he’s full of shit.

He’s full of shit.

Here’s the site:

Plus, here’s a paragraph of aggregated adverse effects:

Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. More than 459 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through November 29, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 10,128 reports of death (0.0022%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause. Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem. CDC clinicians review reports of death to VAERS including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records. A review of reports indicates a causal relationship between the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine and TTS, a rare and serious adverse event—that causes blood clots with low platelets—which has caused or directly contributed to six confirmed deathsexternal icon.

From: Selected Adverse Events Reported after COVID-19 Vaccination | CDC

It’s important to note that because something happened after an event like a vaccine doesn’t mean the vaccine caused it, ie correlation is not causation.

A feature of VAERS is that anyone can submit a report to it - MDs, nurses, lawyers, antivax provocateurs etc.

Seeing that the Covid vaccines use relatively new technology, people have been hyperalert about reporting potential vaccine reactions. More reports does not mean that the Covid vaccines are more dangerous.

By anyone, they really do mean anyone. This is the actual text of a symptom submission:

My husband fell ill within hours of getting the first dose of the vaccine, he started running fever, chills, body aches-within 7 days he was admitted to the hospital and 12 hours after admission to the hospital he was diagnosed with Covid Pneumonia. or they thought- his lungs were showing signs of being attacked. He had no illness, no fever, no underlying health concerns, no allergies, he was not over weight, he was not diabetic, he was still young and within 6 weeks of getting the vaccine he was dead. Doctors could do nothing to save his life. The Moderna vaccine killed my husband and it is killing other perfectly healthy people.

And, in fact, people should be reporting everything without making a judgment about whether they think it’s related. The surveillance system is part of how you determine if things are related.

That was one of the red flags about the UK response to reports of blood clots after the AZ vaccine. They said the reported incidence of blood clots post AZ vaccination was lower than the expected number for the population.* If AZ has no effect on blood clots, you should have about the same incidence as expected for the population. If it’s lower, then you probably either have an unexpected protective effect on unrelated blood clots, or you have people deciding not to report the event to the surveillance system, most likely because they decided it was unrelated. So that means that a real adverse effect goes unreported.

*This the expected incidence pre-covid, not the incidence including covid-caused clots.

Huh? That symptom submission says “he started running fever, chills, body aches” and then one sentence later, “He had no illness, no fever, no underlying health concerns”. Which is it? Was he ill or not?

I hope you don’t expect me to defend what is quite probably completely made up bullshit that someone submitted to the VAERS portal. I downloaded the full 2021 data set just to take a look and there was quite a bit of that sort of garbage. I simply posted the first of many such stories that had similar themes.

As eschrodinger noted, it’s important to have a mechanism for collecting adverse effects of vaccines, although I prefer them to be from an actual medical professional.

Sorry. No, I wasn’t asking you to defend the obvious contradiction.

I don’t know. Medical professionals are and should be involved in the VAERS system. They investigate reports and figure out if things are connected.

On the reporting side, I think doctors could be similarly likely to decide something is unrelated and not report it.

Another aspect of the VAERS system, besides being a completely open, crowdsourced data-collection program, is that it specifically requests that all post-vax adverse events, even those with an obvious non-vax cause, be reported. Got hit by a bus on your way back from your shot? Put it in VAERS, we’ll sort it out. Died of the cancer you’ve had for years, weeks after your shot? Put it in VAERS, we’ll sort it out. It’s an intentionally overbroad net, by design.

My assumption is that there’s an implicit subordinate clause there, thus: “[Prior to receiving that vaccination] he had no illness, no fever, no underlying health concerns, no allergies, he was not over weight, he was not diabetic, he was still young and within 6 weeks of getting the vaccine he was dead.” When soliciting input from the public at large, we should expect a wide range of verbal/cognitive skills to be observed. And also a whole bunch of, as noted above, totally made-up bullshit.