Vagina odor

I find that the smell of vaginas stays with me very well, especially on my hands. I can still smell it after multiple washings. Is there some evolutionary reason that this would be advantageous? Perhaps the smell doesn’t “stick” particularly well, it’s just that humans are programmed to be able to pick out that smell?

There’s probably not any actual information on this, but if somebody has some insights I’d like to hear it.

What are the in sights?

Must-not-make-rude comments about the women SnarkyKong knows.

On the serious side, it shouldn’t smell that strong. Distinctive, yes, but potent, no.

I like having a vagina in my sights.

Mmmm… vaginae.

[sub]Bet you didn’t know that was the plural of vagina did you?[/sub]

Are you sure it isn’t risotto?

Perhaps your hairy palms are retaining the smell longer than for others. Stop perseverating on vaginas and the hair will go away…or so I’ve heard.


I’ve noticed that too, actually - both after masturbating and having sex with other girls. So I’d be interested to know if there’s a biological reason for it.

I like the smell, when I pop to the loo later on that day (if I’ve not had a chance to wash it off properly) I’m pleasantly reminded of what I was up to earlier. Not that I’d relate that story to my g/f.

Preferably telescopic ones


Don’t like getting too close?

While this is a valid question for General Questions, I’m gonna move it to IMHO. That way, not only can you still get a factual answer, but the random comments can continue.

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samclem, why do you hate vaginas?


Maybe chowder meant telescopic vaginas, ie: penises?

Mmmm, I love the smell of vaginas in the morning.

No I meant telescopic sights, I mean the nearer the meat the sweeter the… summink or other :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes sapo the closer the better

Smells like… victory.

Your username. Your post. This thread.

The irony. It burns.

I just got a very bad mental image of someone with both a telescopic vagina and a prehensile rectum . :eek: