Vague Movie and TV Trivia

Don’t mention the name of the movie or show you are posting a question about.

Why does Brian need a fake ID?

Who played Burt Reynolds’ character’s son on TV?

To vote.

Who got their pictures in the paper for finding the dead body?


Which actor or the actor’s character(I can’t remember the character’s name) says “I swallowed a bug”?

Yes…in the end, an anonymous phone call was the right thing to do.

I’ll pass on the other two.

Casey Affleck

Which actor or actor’s character threw a plate of pasta against the kitchen wall… bonus, what type of pasta?

Brian McGee? Why, to get his very first beer, of course.

Which Agent was a cross-dresser?


I had The Breakfast Club in mind

Megan. Spaghetti?

lincoln x ray ida 483. Significance?

I don’t know that one. I was thinking of another movie instance of throwing pasta/pasta type.

Huh. Episode of Mad Men. Hmmm, movie…

Used on Adam-12 as a filler license plate number.

What does Mindy ask for on her birthday?

Yep. :smiley:
I’ve thought about getting LXI-483 as a personalized plate that nobody would realize was paid for.



And you got part 1 of the bonus. Part 2: What are the two possible options for whats in the green sandwiches?

Mulder…who was played by David Duchovny who cross dressed on Twin Peaks?

Hmm. I was gonna say Carlo, throwing Connie’s pasta against the wall before beating her up.

What is in the green sandwiches: New cheese or old beef?

Here’s an easy one: who died among the tomato plants?