Valet Auto Review: International MXT

This edition of VAR is on the International MXT, by Navistar.

This is a red four door pickup truck the size of my living room.

Black interior out of an 18 wheeler, including pneumatic brakes that go “hhhronK!” when you release them.
Big, knobby tires for serious of-roading, four wheel drive, 5-speed auto, leaf springs on all four corners, and a comercial turbodiesel.

This puppy is the biggest Tonka Truck in the world!


Heh… I know a traveling blacksmith on the Ren Faire circuit that has the larger version of this - a CXT - and they just adore it. They replaced an F350 and a trailer with this thing - all of their equipment and two bedrooms* was built into the CXT, and now they can drive 70 MPH as they no longer have a trailer, and they get better fuel economy to boot.

But I sure wouldn’t want to park it anywhere but a truck stop! Guess that’s where you come in. :smiley:

  • He travels with his wife and son, and they built an outrageously clever pop-up top level that they live in when on the road. Parked at a faire, it looks like a blacksmith’s shop and you have to look carefully to tell it’s actually a vehicle. In this pic, the top level is down, but they didn’t do so well at hiding the cab.

I haven’t seen one of those. The ones at my local International dealer have dual rear wheels and appear to sit a little higher.

You may be seeing the RXT or the CXT, either of which, frankly, are just a pinch too much truck for me.

Wow. That’s pretty cool. And it’s nice to see a case where the capabilities of such a truck fit someone’s job, rather than the truck just being a braggart’s toy.

Tis’ true. They’re all out of my league. I’ve never owned anything bigger than a half ton. I couldn’t make it as a diesel dude.

International MXT…

… when the Hummer just isn’t big enough… :wink:

Interesting you say that.

I believe somewhere on the Navistar site they are pushing for this vehicle to be the replacement for the Hummer.

Personally, I think it would be beter for the military to return to an all-terrain vehicle that can go anywhere: if something is so big and/or heavy it wont fit, what have you accomplished?