Valet Auto Review: Mustang GT

This edition of VAR features the Ford Mustang GT.

This model was a dark green 5-speed manual ragtop with a faux Shaker scoop on the hood.
The black matte interior’s styling is a blend of Ford modern and 60s retro heritage.

The powerplant is a 4.6 DOHC V8 with a massive intake plenum dominating the engine bay.

An intimidating throaty rumble graces your ears at startup, and you can also enjoy the snorkle-like burbles during down-revs between shifts.
(damn…I oughta work for car&driver :wink: )

My husband wants to park this car (in this color) next to his '67. Ain’t gonna happen. But I’ll let him dream.

It’s not a bad car at all. The live rear axle is handy for drag racing, and not much of a hinderance on the twisties. Really, inspired design, very worthwhile of the tradition.


Hallgirl1 got this as a rental when her Scion was bring repaired and she allowed me to drive it. *:::sigh::: * It was a beautiful, beautiful machine. I have never felt more powerful in my life.

This weekend, we were out and about and saw one and both sighed at the same time. I could never, ever own one because I couldn’t afford the moving violation tickets that would be sure to come as a result of ownership.

Do valets usually pop the hoods on cars?


Heh, this one does but honestly if he did it to mine I’d take it as a compliment from obviously another car guy.

What do those familiar with the car think about the interior quality? I read it being ripped pretty harshly by one of the driver rags. Overall impressive but too many corners cut on the little stuff.

That is covered here:

Thanks. I missed the first few installments in this series. Let me know when you review old beat up Ford trucks (my kind of car).

Speaking of that, what’s the worst car you’ve parked?

I can’t speak to the GT, but I’ve got an '05 convertible with the upgraded interior. It’s OK. I wouldn’t go apeshit over it, but it’s pleasant enough. A combination of black plastic and brushed aluminum, the overall effect is straightforward functionality.

As to the engine sound, I heard an NPR interview with the chief designer right after the '05 came out. He said that, for the GT, he made everyone on the engine/emissions team watch Bullitt, and then tune the engine and exhaust to sound as close to McQueen’s car as they could get it. I think they did a nice job.

An avocado green Dodge Dart I’m sure had a book value of $0.

Tell me if you ever see a Mazdaspeed 3. That’s my next target. 263 horse from the factory, and another 50 before it leaves the showroom, optionally. In a front wheel drive station wagon, with the handling of a Mazda.

Instructions on how to launch: “Dump the clutch. No. Really. Dump the clutch. It’ll hold.”