Validated by the SDMB

Even though it’s usually not a good thing, I think that, from time to time, we’ve all had strong feelings about something which we know little to nothing about.

So, have you ever done that, and then when reading some threads here, find that lots of other Dopers feel the same way?

My example is minor, but here goes. When I watched the original Matrix, I absolutely loved that movie, but when it was revealed that humans were powering the machines, my reaction was that there’s no way humans could provide enough power. Now, I’m no biologist, electrician, or did I have any education or training to back my strong feeling on the matter. So it made me feel pretty good when posts about the Matrix would pop up, and plenty of other Dopers mentioned that using humans wouldn’t work. Ah, the sweet feeling of validation. :smiley:

So, what about you?