Valjean. At last. We see each other plain.

Eponine just kills me. I cannot listen to “On My Own” or “A Little Fall of Rain” without crying.

Ahhh. I’m home at last.

I didn’t even know the thing existed until a friend enlightened me. I eventually made her tell me the entire story one afternoon. I’ve been in love ever since.

Unfortunatly, I’ve never heard the Dream Cast, but I do have the orignal London and Broadway cast. “A Little Fall of Rain” gets re-played at least twice while I bawl. Saw the play last spring on Broadway and have to see it again. It was more beautiful than I imagined.

Les Mis is, undoubtedly, the best two hours on Broadway.

Unfortunately, it’s about three hours long.

(Ba-dum BUM.)

The show is great, but many of the songs drag… beautiful music. But there is simply too much of it.

I directed a staff production of it at summer camp that came in at just under the ninety-minute mark. The only thing I was really upset about cutting was Little People. As far as I’m concerned, Gavroche has the best death scene in the entire show. (In most of Broadway’s musical theatre for that matter.)

And as far as I’m concerned, Drink With Me and Empty Chairs at Empty Tables are the high spots. Damn! Those are fantastic numbers.