Value of Oxberry OX750 camera?

I really don’t know which forum to post it so I put it in here.

Any ways, I have acquired an OX750 animation film camera and I am wondering what it is worth.



No idea. I’ve used one as the “head” on a film recorder - a very high resolution monochrome CRT device that would record a series of still frames from a computer to 35mm film. It’s been years since I used one, or had any need for one. The last “film out” project I was involved in, we sent the file to RFX in LA. I’d imagine there are only a handful of shops that do this work any more.

I’d contact Ray Feeney at RFX, or Ron Scott at QFX, who writes the best film recorder software, QPR. They might have some idea who, in the small and shrinking film-out community, is in need of one of these.

It actually came from an AGFA PRC II film recorder! I got the whole she-bang for $40 as I wanted to see what kinda lens was within the unit. Turns out it was an EL-Nikkor 50 set at f/5.6!!! (sigh)

Thanks for those links! If it isn’t worth anything I’ll give it to my Uncle who has a collection of old stuffs. I thought it was worth mad money but I guess the people on eBay are nuts.

If someone has one, and needs yours for spare parts, it’s priceless. If someone shoots in HD and needs to produce a 35mm negative, they will have to use a film recorder. But the people in that business have far faster and higher quality ones. And as projection moves to digital, the need for these will disappear completely.

I had a post some time ago about how amazingly cheap top shelf used film cameras and accessories were on eBay. I doubt the situation has improved re pricing.

Why are high quality, vintage SLRs practically worthless on eBay?