Value of this Danbury Mint Porcelain Doll?!?

A coworker is badly in need of some cash, and pulled out of her attic a porcelain doll her mother bought some time back. It is still in the box, has paperwork and certificate- but my Google-Fu is failing. She’d like to put it online for sale, but needs to have some idea of the value (to set minimum bid or asking price, etc.).

This thing isn’t worth thousands or anything, but be nice to know if it is closer to $20 or $100, for example. The best I can find is an expired craigslist listing, and an expired Goodwill auction that had one of these dolls.

The doll is about 14" high, is wearing a (hand-tailored) red and white velvet (promenade?) dress (short cape w/ hood also), winds up to play “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and the ownership certificate hails her as, “Elizabeth, the First Danbury Mint Christmas Doll”.

It’s got a Serial Number of A169, and the director of the mint that signed cert was “W.J. Strausser”. Anyone know how to get a feel for what this might be worth? It is for a very nice lady who would appreciate any help (as would I, on her behalf).

I told I knew a place for such obscure questions…Anyone?! Any leads much appreciated!

My hunch - but also supported by this and this - is that it’s objectively worth zip, nada, nilch, zada, radar, gargavarr. A check of’s completed listings throws up lots of unsold dolls.

And this absolute horror. Warning: don’t click, it’ll terrify you. The poor girl!