Van Gogh - The Fields

So, what is considered by some to be Vincent Van Gogh’s final masterpiece is going up for auction for the first time ever.

I’ve searched, but haven’t been able to find a picture of the picture. Can anyone with superior GoogleFu help out?

Much obliged!!

I googled van gogh and came up with this:


I am not good at copying stuff here, though. hope it works. I like his work.

If that’s it, that’s not TOO bad. It’s kinda like “Starry Night”, except…you know…he’s looking at a frickin’ field.

I’ve always been a sucker for seeing brushstrokes and gouges and physical signs of an artist getting into his work. For me, it helps me better appreciate the hard work.

Man, I’ve seen some good art in a book, and then seen it in person and loved the hell out of it. If only there were a way to accurately depict these things…

Missed the edit window.

Here’s an example. It’s not even the unfinished painting of his that I was thinking of…he has an unfinished painting with a bunch of people on it, simply drawn out (and nude), but not yet painted over.

I dunno, art fascinates me. I could live a million lifetimes and I’d never be able to draw like this or paint like this…or in some cases, have the creativity…it’s just that the great artists are on a completely different level…

Just in case you don’t know, The Teaching Company markets some wonderful art course, such as seen at:

And every thing they sell will at some time go on sale at very enticing prices. For example, see and explore:

I bought a couple of their courses—on sale— and never regretted it.

That might not be such a bad idea, except the idea of learning how to draw or paint doesn’t seem right to me…it should be a natural thing, not something that you force your body to do.

I’ll mull it over, though.

No no no.

The lectures (on DVD) that I referred to are on art history and also how to appreciate art . I have A History of European Art, and a buddy of mine has Great Artists of the Italian Renaissance. The latter, I think is much better but both are taught by the same guy, William Kloss. Most enlightening.

But I disagree with the learning to draw isn’t right. You should see some of Van Gogh’s earliest stuff. Hideous. No chance he had any innate talent. Hah!

Try the book Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain.

I just totally love V.G.s work to death bar nothing bar no one ,not even the PreRaphaelites come close.

Nonsense. There are so many skills involved, like perspective and the *chemistry *of mixing the paint and the medium, learning how to choose and stretch canvas, choosing the right brushes, etc. You can’t expect every artist to reinvent painting techniques. Do you think Van Gogh just started painting, spontaneously? He was in touch with many other artists, and they shared ideas and techniques constantly. It’s very much like learning a musical instrument. Practice, practice, practice.

To my mind, the beauty of the painting comes from the apparent motion of the foreground field reflected in the turbulent sky above. The background trees and the better-defined, geometric field lines lie almost at the center of the painting, allowing the top and bottom’s energetic sweep of movement embrace–almost squeeze–the more traditional space between.

Or maybe Van Gogh just needed glasses…I could go either way :smiley:

For gods sake man !if you’ve got to analyse it then your not getting it .
Its the overall impression plus mostly the use of colour ,Ireally really cant make it any clearer then that .

Methinks you’ve been whooshed. I thought CJJ* was going for the funny by juxtaposing a technical review with a nutty one - but that’s just me…

But, fwiw, I do disagree with your post - sometimes you need to start by understanding the pieces in order to grasp the big picture. Whatever helps a person enjoy art - it’s all good.

The article in the OP states a pre-auction estimate at $17million USD - yeah right. That sucker’s going for SO much more than that…