Van lifer goes missing on cross country trip with fiancee

As I mentioned a lifestraw provides access to clean water for 250+ days.

How much clean water? Also, to rehydrate dried food you’d need to suck up a mouthful of water then spit it into the bag/pouch/whatever repeatedly then wait for the food to rehydrate, then eat it. Eat more than a little dehydrated food can cause problems because by absorbing bodily fluids encountered in the digestive track it can swell up and cause problems. I mean, sure, it’s doable, but it requires patience and some sense, not sure this guy has much of either.

When I’ve camped I’ve always used a hand pumped water filter. They produce plenty of water. This random example says it filters a liter per minute.

Well, OK, that could solve the water problem.

There’s still food. Going a couple days without is one thing. Going a couple weeks without is another.

I’m inclined to think the young man is deceased, but I’ll fully admit that’s more of a hunch than anything else - if I had any proof I’d be sending it to the authorities and not hanging out talking about it here.

Very difficult to survive in an inhospitable area like the preserve seems to be. Even for an experienced backpacker, 4 weeks is gonna be rough. Huge pack to carry, for that long, even with freeze dried food.
1 week, with water filtered or iodine etc is about the limit for most people. I’ve done a bit of trekking in the Sierra Nevadas, 5-7 days and its NICE there, but still, your body starts to have some serious cravings. Grease, salt etc. I recall some funny squabbles over going home early, cause one of our party thought we were trying to starve him. Planning is important!!
Laundrie would probably give up if someone cooked a cheeseburger out there to lure him in!!! (insert tRump joke)
Im going with hiding at a friends house, or dead.

I also think hiding at a friend’s house or dead.

Press conference Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. MT.

I don’t think he’s dead. I do think he’s lying low at a friend or relative’s house (and that his parents know this). In a way, he’s in jail already in that he can’t leave that house. If he thinks in a few months, it’ll be safe to leave, he’s sorely mistaken.

Thanks, aceplace57, for the link.

Glad I could contribute.

I hope there’s a clear cause of death. The family deserves answers.

Yep. Back when I did that sort of camping in addition to the freeze-dried food we also carried something called “bacon bars” which were, well, bacon. Bacon salted to the point it did not require refrigeration and compressed into bars. They’re pretty inedible to modern tastes in modern life, but on a backpacking trip a few days in they became ambrosia, having all that wonderful salt and grease you wind up craving (and burning - covering 10-20 miles a day with 70 pounds on your back burns calories).

Even if he’s survivalist enough to catch his own food, most game meat is very, very lean. Hence “rabbit starvation” and “mal de caribou” (caribou also being very lean). Arctic peoples living mostly on meat treasure and seek out fat because its absolutely an essential part of the human diet, especially if you’re living off the land.

I’m not at all clear how good at bushcraft Brain Laundrie might be. There’s a huge difference even between, say, hiking the Appalachian trail with modern tools, foods, and other support from technological society and surviving strictly on one’s own in the wild. Most of us can’t do it because we don’t have the knowledge and skills required, even those of us who have ventured into the woods and swamps recreationally.

While it’s fun to think about how he’s living off the land I think the odds of him skipping the country are much higher then him being a master of bushcraft and planning on living off the land for months.

He had about a week between when he disappeared and when he would have had people actively looking for him which is plenty of time to slip across the boarder in a town like Roma, TX when they wouldn’t have cared what white people were going into Mexico.

Him getting cash by working or having friends and family support him is much more likely then eating raw python in the swamp.

Not so much “fun” as thinking of him being cold, wet, and hungry in a swamp full of snakes, mosquitoes, and alligators while it dawns on him that this is how his life is going to suck for ever and ever makes me think that karma is administering a little justice in the universe.

I don’t think it’s likely he skipped the country. I just pulled up the border crossing facilities in Roma, TX; there definitely would be cameras all over that place. If he had crossed the border, it is likely law enforcement already would have identified him on camera having crossed. It is also likely they would have had evidence of him in Mexico. Unless he found a new assumed identity, which for previously mentioned reasons seems unlikely he was able to do especially so quickly, there’s some paper trail he would be leaving in Mexico that would at least be an indicator he was there.

Certainly not “impossible” he’s in Mexico, but Mexico is not actually the best place in the world to run to as many people think. I would question what motor vehicle he used to enter Mexico. He couldn’t have taken the bus or what have you or that would be tracked as well, and one of the first things they do in manhunts like this is check surveillance video from places like bus / train depots. We know all the vehicles the Laundrie family owned, AIUI, none are missing. Maybe someone loaned him a car…but that’s pretty wild, that’s a huge exposure of risk to that person, not just of maybe being considered an accomplice (even if that isn’t what would happen, a lay person likely would have no idea of that), but just ever seeing your car again. Brian Laundrie is noted for not having many friends, are we to believe he had a friend that straight up gave him a fucking car to go play around in Mexico with?

Once in Mexico there’s a “Free Zone” near the border and in all of Baja California where you can drie U.S. vehicles to your heart’s content, but to go anywhere outside those areas you need a Temporary Import Permit for your car, which will create papertrails for Laundrie.

Mexico also just isn’t like some stone age society, plenty of criminals have evaded U.S. capture in Mexico, but it’s definitely non-trivial. Of the many places you can run Canada and Mexico probably offer you the least protection in terms of getting caught. To really last long term in either country on the lam, you need a fake identity and lots of money, I’m not sure Laundrie has either. Otherwise, the problem you get into is you eventually create some kind of paper trail.

While I’ve never had to utilize it, I’ve probably (weirdly) spent a lot of time thinking about how you could “live on the run”, in idle speculation. I think some of the most successful people to do it had the benefit of ties in foreign countries. Citizenship in a country that doesn’t extradite is the golden ticket, because you can largely live your normal life in that country as long as you’re careful what other countries you enter. Failing that, lots of money is one of the standard things that will help you quite a bit, it can help you buy a new identity, and can help you get to a non-extraditing country, particularly one you might enjoy living in, and being able to fund your life there.

Without money or ties to foreign country things get more difficult. I’ll note basically the entirety of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted have money (often through affiliations with organized crime), ties to a foreign country, or both (only exception are two guys who I highly suspect committed suicide shortly after their crimes). I do not think that is a coincidence.

Another big factor is “how hard are people looking for you”, are the Feds looking for you? Is it an active case for them? Or is it more likely that local/State law enforcement just happens to have a warrant out for you and will arrest you if the happen to run into you? If the latter is the case you can live pretty damn easy in the United States as long as you don’t drive, and don’t reside in the jurisdiction that’s got warrants on you. You could get away with outstanding warrants for decades. Even escaped prison inmates, if they are “lower notoriety” inmates, escapees from work-release facilities and things of that nature, after a while your name and picture filter out of being “top of the heap” in all the local cop sources of information for “wanted” people. Many people who have escaped prison but weren’t notorious inmates in some way, but maybe just jumped a small fence or walked out an unlocked door in a low security facility, have just taken assumed names and lived in other states for the rest of their biological lives with no problem.

Being notorious and sought by upper tier law enforcement fucks you in several ways in that regard.

You can’t fully control if you’re notorious or not, but if you are and you don’t have lots of money, and don’t have foreign connections, it’s probably safest to get to a rural area in another part of the United States and see if you can find a way to live off the “paper” grid (not the actual grid.)

Coroner press conference about to start.

Just read strangulation was the cause.

Most predictable result all considering I suppose.

Wyoming state statute says only information from autopsies about cause and manner of death is released to the public, so there wasn’t a lot of detail.

Cause of death: Death by strangulation.
Manner of death: Death by homicide.

Other info was that Petito’s body had been outside for 3-4 weeks and she was not pregnant.

I thought strangulation would probably be the cause of death. If she’d been shot, stabbed, or had suffered blunt force trauma, Laundrie might have been able to persuade a jury it was self-defense and would not have found it as necessary to go into hiding. I wish my hunch had been wrong.

Not disagreeing that that’s what he’s done, but people tend to think very rural areas hide people better than they actually do. A couple of times, people wanted for murder thought they’d hide out in my corner of Wyoming and were recognized by locals, most of whom have cable or satellite TV.

I would think its far easier to disappear into a crowd of people (large city - NYC, SF, LA, etc) due to sheer number of people there than it ever would be to go to a town of 500 where everyone knows everyone and a stranger sticks out.