Van lifer goes missing on cross country trip with fiancee

There are reports that partial human remains were found near his backpack at the Brian Laundrie search site.

NBC News producer:

So you want Americans to be required to help the police? OK, we should probably start by repealing the 5th Amendment.

And the cadaver dog has been called out too.

Brian Laundrie: Medical examiner and cadaver dog called to park where investigators found Laundrie’s items - CNN

Man Recounts Alligator Attack Where Laundrie Manhunt Ensues

So the parents contact law enforcement with a suggestion on where to search, meet law enforcement at that location, and after a “brief search” find some belongings. Got it.

Is this a separate area in the big reserve they’ve been searching?

I’m puzzled why buzzards and other birds didn’t reveal this spot weeks ago.

Hoping for closure for both families.

It sounds like the body was under water until recently.

It’s part of the same overall wilderness, the Carlton Reserve and the Environmental Park that is, I think they are both within a larger state park (Myakka River State Park.)

Or in a large alligator.

I’ve seen this comment before - I’d think that things are dying in the swamp all the time, so birds and buzzards gathering is not uncommon. And if he was in underbrush, under a tree canopy, or underwater not sure that you would even get a classic buzzards/ravens/etc circling in any case.

The search for Gabby and Brian found 5 other bodies. They’re unrelated cases but the media attention helped in recovery.

The press conference has concluded. The FBI confirmed that apparent human remains have been found. Not much other information released.

Unsurprising, police basically never talk much about a recovered body until basic processes have been followed and completed. I imagine if it’s identifiable as Brian we will know within a day or so at most.

So many questions… How could it be that after a solid month, the parents suddenly thought of an area in the park where Brian might be? Or if they knew where he was all along, what would have made them suddenly be concerned enough to contact police?

They found a backpack and notebook near the remains. It’s most likely Brian Laundrie. It’ll take a few days for authorities to confirm.

No. I’m saying that if the parents were obstructing the investigation or participating in a cover-up, then they should be held to the amount of account the law allows.

I would say it is 90% chance that the remains are his, 10% chance that it is another victim of his being used to slow down the search while he tries to get away.

I’m wondering, did he off himself and did animals scavenge, or did he get killed by a gator?