Van lifer goes missing on cross country trip with fiancee

Whoo! Whoo!

The “gunshot wound” story is plainly a cover for the fact that he died when hit by rolling stones.

It depends on whether or not some authorities (federal, or local to Florida or to Gabby’s death scene) want to be able to report with more certainty on both deaths: when, where, how, etc. There may be a presumption that Brian strangled Gabby during some span of time and that Brian shot himself during some span of time— but it’s all rather fuzzy. Certainty is only presumed, not supported by evidence.

It may also depend on whether there is the prospect of civil litigation (for example, by Gabby’s parents against either the Laundrie family or against law enforcement in Sarasota County or some other entity). The current fuzziness of our presumptions would not be considered adequate in that situation.

The fact that a lot of people sincerely want this to be considered “over” in a very cut-and-dried way may not matter.

I’m still thinking, when all the facts are discovered, the alligators will be mixed up in all this.

Oh, honestly. They didn’t find a single copy of a Rolling Stone magazine at the site. How can you say that?

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name

Mick acted alone, that’s how.

Pretty sure the conspiracy involved you and me.

I think we should all give Brian credit with not revealing what happened. He tried his best to shield his family and Gabby’s from the murderous mysterious drifter. Now the drifter has no reason to come after them. Brian is … errr … was so brave.

The one armed man strikes again!

It was Mr. Jenkins, the amusement park owner. And he’d have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those pesky kids and that stupid dog!

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If there is anything in his writings that could possibly bring comfort to the Petitos then it should be released to them immediately.

Not for me.

First, I am opposed to the death penalty. Assuming he was guilty (because he never did get a trial that is not legally settled) he should have spent the rest of his natural life in jail. I do not support the government killing people in any way.

Second, a trial might have given the Petitos some information and/or insight into what happened to their daughter because there would be motivation on the part of the authorities to investigate. Now there is none. There will be no trial so the apparatus of the justice system is done with this case and will move on, screw answering questions for the family of the victim.

So yes, it does matter that he killed himself rather than face trial in a court of law. But, clearly, this is a guy who wanted no one but himself to benefit. If you can call bringing about your own death a “benefit”.

Brain Laundrie murdering his own self is just another layer of misery and suffering. It’s another selfish act from a piece of human slime.

It’s not clear to me that the Petitios benefit from having a huge media circus 2 years from now when Laundrie goes on trial. A circus fraught with the uncertainty of conviction.

I’d bet that Ron Goldman would have been more at peace with things if OJ had just offed himself in that Bronco.

Hence my use of the word “might”.

I don’t presume to know whether or not a family wants a “media circus” or not.

Again, neither you nor I know that.

I am also against the death penalty.

I would expect the criminal justice system would still continue investigating her murder even with him dead. If only to find possible accomplices and achieve a higher level of certainty that he was the only murderer. I don’t know how much of what they find will be shared with the families or public.

I understand you, and many others, feel strongly about him. There are very good reasons to write him off as garbage but even bad people make good decisions sometimes. Just as the reverse is true. I don’t have enough information on any of it to be able to say anymore than the whole thing is really sad and fucked up.

I’m having hard time with the concept of a selfish suicide. It’s counterintuitive to me that eliminating ones-self can be selfish.

It could be hard to make a case against the parents. They were following their attorney’s advice. He would know what lines can’t be crossed.

Help me out here, what is unknown about Laundrie killing Petito that would bring the family comfort? Would they really find comfort from the blow by blow retelling of the killing? By having all their daughter’s dirty secrets gone over by the defense, painting her in as bad a light as possible in front of millions to defend Laundrie?

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