Vanilla Sky pop culture references

Is there a place on the web that lists the references? I have a question about one in particular. There is a shot at the end of the movie of an amusement park ride that has silver rocket ships rotating in a circle. I remember a ride like that from an amusement park, but I can’t find a reference page anywhere.

Can anyone help? I’d like to know if that half-second of film was from the amusement park I have in my mind.

I Googled everything I could think of, and amazingly, I found more porn sites than anything else. :dubious: (do these porn sites just put entire dictionaries on their reference pages so google will find them no matter what?)

if it helps, the park in question is Kennywood, near Pittsbugh. I wanted to leave that nugget out to see if anyone could steer me to a reference page, but I thought that you might be able to use it in a google search. I haven’t been successful.