Vanity Fair Interview with Erik Prince

This is fascinating.

I find it amusing that Al Gore and Sarah Palin are too good to fly coach but Erik Prince does. :wink: Just something that stuck out at me.

I love that the url abbreviates to “f…ckwater,” first of all.

I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

Thats probably from his time in the teams, staying lo and not standing out. Neither Palin or Gore would have had that even cross their minds. So I think its sorta apples and oranges.


Sure. That’s what it said in the article even.

It just shows me the difference between a serious person like Erik Prince and bobble-headed celebs like Al Gore and Sarah Palin who are all image no substance.

Love or hate Erik Prince’s walk, he walks it. He’s not all talk.

I dunno - Palin said she ‘Sharpie-ed’ out McCain’s name on a campaign ballcap to not stand out in Hawaii. (FWIW, when I first heard that story, I had assumed that the cap had previously read, “McCain-Palin”. :smiley: )

Really? So when uber-Christian Erik Prince expresses hope that the lawsuit against his company will be tried under Shariah law because Shariah law will let his company off the hook, he’s walking the walk?

Of course we’ll have to wait and see whether he’s really guilty of murder and child prostitution. Until that time there’s no point in drawing attention to Jesus’s disapproval of such shenanigans.

I think Erik Prince is absolutely fascinating and in 50 years or so from now he is going to be one of those extremely infamous, notorious figures who is going to be part of pop culture.

Asking that the lawsuit be tried by the law of the land is incongruous?

I am skeptical about the child prostitution thing. Obviously he’s killed people, but whether or not that is murder is a matter of opinion. He’s a mercenary, duh he’s killed people.

50 years from now? You don’t think he’s a part of pop culture now? I’m a little sorry I missed my chance to get the Blackwater onesie for my kids. :wink:

He’s already nominally a part of pop culture, with things in shows and video games (Jericho, MGS4) being loosely based on his organization. But in half a century he’ll be one of those legendary desperado-like figures; mysterious, ambitious, bizarre, and whether he’s loved or hated, he will be considered very interesting.

I have this Blackwater T-shirt which I bought as soon as the company became notorious, as a collectible item mostly but I also just love the shirt and it always gets compliments. I bought the Iraqi deck of cards back in high school for the same reason. These are the weird little pop relics of this decade that will be fascinating to people decades from now.

This could be an interesting quote in a time machine to be opened in 10 or so years.

When they make a movie about Blackwater, Erik Prince will be played by Anderson Cooper.