Variations of playing baseball

How many different versions are there of the game of baseball? I was reading about Finland for example, and their version of baseball seems to have the pitcher and the batter standing on the same mound, and the pitcher throws the pitch VERTICALLY and then the batter tries to hit the ball when it comes back down.

Are there even more variations of the game??

I’m not sure what qualifies as baseball in your way of thinking but here in So Cal we play Over The Line at the beach since running bases in the sand isn’t much fun.

Finnish baseball is one of the few variations of baseball that is actually organized and played on a professional level, although I think the Finns that play it probably earn a little bit less than the MLB minimum. ($300,000).

There have been many variations of the game played by people throughout the years depending upon space, number of players, ability. You don’t see many of them anymore as “pickup” sports played by kids are increasingly rare these days, outside of basketball.

“Workup” Big kids, little kids, girls, anybody can play.
Kinda like volleyball, but just one “team”. Great fun, I thought.

You’d have to define your terms a lot better to get a meaningful answer.

You could say that the American League and the National League play different variations of baseball, since one has the designated hitter and the other does not.

What counts as a “variation of baseball”? Softball? (Slow- or fast-pitch?) Tee-ball? Whiffle ball? Kickball? Pickup games of the “Okay, this pizza box is home plate, that tree is first…” variety?

Sheesh, I thought baseball was a variation of softball. Really.