Vatican planning to distinguish among gays - "It's just a phase" theory reactivated

Interesting article re priest qualifications. “Transitory” queers still OK, hard core fags not so much.

Vatican planning to distinguish among gays

The RCC is quite capable of messing up this issue.

On the other hand, the press traditionally gets the actual statements emanating from Rome wrong when they are fully presented and the track record of the press on documents that have not yet been released is abysmal.

I’d suggest waiting until the 30th to find out what has actually been said. (I suspect that it will still outrage many people, but it will be nice to have the outrage directed at genuine positions rather than strawmen or speculation.)

If that’s the case please close this thread as as the attitude it refers to is apparently not fully established as fact, and speculations on the Vatican’s position are pointless at this juncture.

What are their criteria for “transitory gays”? A mention of “Oh, I used to have sex with men, but not any more. I really love the vagina.”?

Well, you know, it was in college, and everyone experimented a lot back then…

Closed per e-mailed request.

(When the document is finally published, there will be lots to say. :wink: )