Vaya Comes Home!

My first dog Misfit passed away a couple years ago. At the time, I was too busy with school and work and everything to even think about a new dog. Recently, however, the itch has returned - volunteering at the animal shelter just wasn’t enough anymore, I needed a stronger dose. After finishing school and trimming down to a single job, I have a LOT more free time and energy. I started the great puppy hunt a few months ago. At first, I was leaning towards a Doberman - the few I’ve met have been gorgeous and lively and ridiculously smart. Volunteering at an animal shelter tends to predispose one towards rescues - most of the dogs there are stupidly sweet and adorable and you just can’t figure out how someone could surrender all of that, even though your brain can throw 50 ways to leave your lovely behind. Purebred anything is rare at a shelter, and puppies last somewhere on the magnitude of hours, not days or weeks, so I was looking around elsewhere as well. I’ve been talking with a breeder nearby with a litter due in a couple months, and was on the list for a pet quality female.

Yesterday, a friend of mine that volunteers at the St. Paul Humane Society sent me a picture of sisters that would be available for adoption at noon. They definitely weren’t Dobes, but by Gawd were they just all kinds of cuddly adorableness - they have them listed as lab/heeler mixes, and they were big - 3 months old and 30 pounds. Needless to say, I headed straight there after work. When I got there, I just about ran to the dogs (I do this anyway, but the strides were a bit longer last night). Minka was just coming back from a visit with another couple, and they were gung-ho that she had a new home. I was ok with that, because I had my eye on Tandy anyway.

I finally had the chance to spend some time with her. She was VERY shy, but eventually warmed up. It turns out they had just arrived from Arkansas a couple days ago, and there wasn’t much chance for them to acclimate. Add in her sister leaving suddenly, and it made plenty of sense. She wasn’t much for walking on a leash, but the moment I sat down, she was right next to me, cleaning everything that could have been on my hands. Everything she did screamed TAKE ME HOME, so it was decided. They agreed to hold her for 24 hours while I made sure I was mentally and emotionally ready for a puppy (Misfit was 2 years old when she came home with me), but they called me just this morning to remind me that the hold was good for the rest of the day. As if I could forget! I woke up this morning knowing I would have a little running around the house tonight.

All morning, I was agonizing over a name. I mean, Tandy is just NOT going to cut it. I’ve been toying with using different languages for training - dogs don’t give a flying nuthin’ what language you use. Her recall will be Spanish, No in German, and a variety of other commands in other languages. Her crate will even be “Go To Jail”, because that just seems incredibly funny to me, given that it’s a safe space for her. I was going to go with “Kratsivaya”, Russian for Beautiful, but it was just too many syllables. So Vaya it is. After irk, I head north, stopping by a PetSmart to get all the toys and bowls and treats and fencing and toys and food and toys and chewies and toys, then pick her up. A friend is coming along to help with the car ride - it’s about an hour home, and will probably be pretty stressful. Boss-man agreed to let me take hourlong lunches for the next couple weeks to help her get adjusted, so I’m excited that my days will include puppy breaks right smack dab in the middle. I’m just freakin EXCITED!

Pics will come later. She already knows how to pose for the camera.

Congratulations, that’s wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing Vaya. Midday puppy breaks are awesome.

We too are holding out for a Dobe rescue puppy. In this way, we have managed to remain dogless for over a year now. :smack:

How wonderful! Congratulations! I look forward to hearing more about Vaya, and of course, the PICS! :smiley:

Allow me to offer cyber butt sniffs of welcome.

Leet the Wonder Dog[sup]TM[/sup]

Well, she’s adjusting, albeit slowly. She’s not yet a fan of moving around on her own; she prefers to just be wherever she’s at. I let her be once we got home, just to give her some space. After a couple hours, I set up her crate, water, and some food, but still no dice on leaving her plop spot. Eventually, I put her in her crate - at least that’s padded. I know she left it at least once during the night, because the treats in the middle of the room are conspicuously missing, but I spent an hour this morning trying to coax her out, to at least let her go potty, but she’s not quite ready for that. I learned a bit more of her history last night - traveled up from Arkansas, arriving Sunday, spayed on Monday, and on the adoption floor Tuesday. I can absolutely understand her shell shock - it’s time and patience from here on out.

She’s loving the Blue Buffalo sausage that the helpful PetSmart employee recommended, and has no problem taking her pills (Puppy Ibuprofen and something for a skin infection, which may be affecting her mood as well). Kibble disappears from the bowl if it’s within reach of her crate as well, so at least her appetite is healthy. She has run of the living room while I’m at work - only her crate and a couple old pieces of furniture in there, so nothing I’m worried about getting chewed up, unless she manages to knock some artwork off the wall.

Finally, PICS!


In your OP, you forgot to mention toys! :smiley:

Pat yourself on the back for taking a rescue. A handsome girl.

whispers Hi, precious girl. Everything’s okay. You’re a good girl.

Thanks for the virtual snuggle moment.

P.S. - the combination of her name and your user name keep putting those “orange money” commercials in my head. VOYA…Voya…voya…

Sweet! She’s a caramel cream dog!

Thumbs up on the rescue! I’m very happy for both of you!

^ <Homer voice> Mmmmmmmm…caramel cream dog. <Hv>

I missed toys? Oh, there are toys! She got a Puppy Kong and a rope for chewing on, a couple tennis balls, and this pink monkey monstrosity that has to be returned, because part of the leg was already unraveled. I saw what happened to her pillow at the shelter - that monkey wouldn’t last 5 minutes.


Just got a call from the shelter - another dog that came up from Arkansas on the same transport tested positive for parvo. They said the chance of contagion was very low, but they were letting everyone know, just in case. It’s not stopping me from flipping out right now, though. She’s finally started to come out of the corner and be a puppy.


Is she getting her shots? Eating normally? Take her to the vet for a thorough check if you’re really worried, but so far, so good, right?