vba for Excel - is there a way to get those helper tags on user defined functions?

I’m writing a couple of user defined functions in my personal.xsl file. One thing I’ve noticed a while back - udf’s don’t get those helper tags when used within a spreadsheet. Is there a way to do that?

For example, if I wanted to use a function like this:

Public Function area(length As Integer, width As Integer)
' do stuff
End Function

it would be awfully nice if the expected parameters would appear as you type =area in a cell.

Probably is a simple answer (and I suspect it’s a simple “no”), but I do find that VBA has a way of making answers to simple questions very hard to find online…

Oh hell yes.

I’ll try to post an answer to this when I, uh, figure it out myself…

I do not know a way so that this happens when you simply type the function name into a cell, as for built-in functions, but this happens automatically when you insert a function using the Insert, Function sequence. When the dialog box opens, select “User Defined Functions” from the list of categories, then pick your function. It will prompt for parameters.

You can add a description using these instructions.

Thanks, Cooking!

Would be nice if it could just be there without requiring user setup, but since I am going to have to walk some folks through the personal.xls file anyway…

Ah well.