vbulletin bug?

In responding to another post, I ended up being guilty of not previewing my response (since it was so simple I couldn’t possibly have screwed it up), and lo and behold, the formatting got screwed up (the font for my own text ended up huge). On a whim, I decided to go back and look at exactly what I had submitted, to see where I went wrong, and two things about it bother me:

  1. When I hit “quote” to the particular post I was responding to, the default response looks pre-screwed-up to me.

  2. There is nothing in the response I submitted that would account for the font getting large.

Try it yourself. Go read this post by capacitor, then hit the “quote” button underneath it. The resulting code in the reply window looks like this (I’ve changed the square brackets to angle brackets and paraphrased for clarity)

                some text

…note the unbalanced bold tags. Now, if you add some text underneath all that and hit preview, everything you type ends up as large text. WTF? I’ve always wondered how people manage to screw up the formatting such that their whole post ends up in huge text, and I’m guessing that this is how.

Doesn’t seem to work for me. I tried it here and there.

IIRC, the large text will only show up on Netscape browsers. The text will apprear normal in IE.

Text that might be bigger.

BINGO! I was right. And in addition, the text is in the default font (usually Times New Roman), not the board’s font.

That’s because the post by capacitor has a mis-matched bold ending tag (i.e. an ending tag but no beginning tag.)
As Louie said, an ending bold tag without a beginning bold tag may include font sizes to change in some browsers.