Vegan and semen

Are vegans that swallow semen still a true vegan?

Hmm… animal product, but not taken for nutritional needs… Also, usually a consensual donation… good question.

Neither pork nor carrion, so it should be halal.

Is it kosher?

And did you know that you have meat in your body right now!?

If the semen is, in fact, a consensual donation from a sapient being (not e.g. semen from a bull that is being put out to stud) it would be no different from swapping spit while you’re kissing someone.

If the fundamental principle of veganism is that no harm comes to a sentient being in order to feed a human being, even via “exploitation” e.g. honey harvested from bees because the bees can’t “consent,” then I would think a truly thinking vegan would not object, so long as the “contribution” was voluntary.

Yep. Swallowing consensually-donated semen doesn’t make you a non-vegan, any more than biting your nails or licking blood off your cut finger does.

Since human placenta is usually allowed and is sometimes a vegan feast. Not seeing a problem with seamen .

I have never had the opportunity to do a comparison, but vegans allegedly have better tasting body fluids than meat eaters do, incidentally.

Oh good grief. It’s the breastmilk argument all over again. I mean, I guess if you raped a guy and swallowed his semen that wouldn’t meet vegan principles, but really.

I can never keep up with these fads. Can vegans eat fish? That would be the category for trouser trout, after all.

Breast-feeding a baby does not make the baby non-vegan either.

What about when the mom is still breast feeding a six or seven year old child?

One can only imagine what the OP is getting out of this thread.

My guess is their gettin’ somethin’ out of somewhere.

I don’t know about that, but certain prescriptions and supplements change the taste dramatically.

How about soldiers or airmen?

5 bucks, same as in town.

I once asked a certain gourmet of the relevant culinary arts, who asserted that smokers taste awful.

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