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I owe a college buddy of mine some dinner, and I offered to take him to a Cantonese restaurant in Alhambra. He’s not vegan, but my girlfriend who will be accompanying us is. I’m half-Cantonese, and I can’t think of anything we eat at family get-togethers that is in line with her diet. Is there anything that I could ask for that wouldn’t be too much trouble to prepare, would be filling and fairly authentic?

Stir fried veggies and tofu?

Even with an order like this, you would need to be careful, depending on how strict they are, it might still be out. In Chinese cooking, it’s quite common to flavour dishes with a little chicken stock. It’s not because all the main ingredients are vegan that the dish is necessarily so.

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Oyster sauce is another strong possibility.

Sweet and sour sauce is usually vegan.

Maybe Vegetarian Goose? A bit North, but Cantonese speakers enjoy it everyday.
It’s tofu skin stuffed with mushrooms and other vegetables, then steamed (sometimes deepfried) and glazed with a sweet soy sauce. It’s mock crisapy Goose… mmmm.

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Some restaurant do serve monk food - vegetarian fare,