Vegans and Breastmilk

Can a Vegan have breast milk? It doesn’t come from a mistreated animal.,2933,51494,00.html

I don’t see how it’s a problem. This couple is clearly just stupid and insane, since they fed the kid cod liver oil.

Seems to me that any Vegan with an iota of common sense would realize that breast milk is the food nature intended for babies. Why else would the human body produce it? But even for those women who, for whatever reason, aren’t able to or don’t want to breastfeed, there’s this little thing called soy formula.

There are also books like this one: for Vegan parents interested in finding out what their kids need to eat to be healthy.

Nope, I think the couple in question are just deliberately and criminally ignorant.

Nonny “not a Vegan, but I play one on the internet” Mouse

I’m curious if the Administration for Children’s Services ensure the child was placed into a foster home where she will be supported on a vegetarian diet.

BTW, one type of vegetarianism doesn’t prohibit fish. I believe that’s called pesco-vegetarian. As for me, I’m ovo-lacto-veggie.

Pescaterianism. And it isn’t a ‘type’ of vegetarianism, not even when you amalgamate the two.

As to the OP: what we are dealing with here are not Vegans, but Morons. They are easily distinguished. :slight_smile:

True, but I don’t think they would likely allow fish but disallow breast milk. But then, anyone can make up any weird food rules that they like. Lord knows I have a few… I just don’t call it any sort of “system”.

-toadspittle, the toadspittlearian

By definition, vegetarianism excludes eating fish. Fish are not vegetables. People who eat fish are not vegetarians, regardless of whether they stick “pesco” in front of it or not.

As to the OP, the actual vegans I know IRL understand that breast milk is part of a vegan diet for human infants. They don’t eat eggs or dairy for reasons of animal cruelty rather than health. There is no crualty involved in a human mother knowingly and willingly allowing her child (or someone else’s child for that matter) to breast feed.

Normal, mentally stable vegans don’t have a problem with breastfeeding. The couple in the article are kooks.

ovo vegetarian = plants + eggs
lacto vegetarian = plants + dairy
ovo-lacto vegetarian = plants + eggs + dairy

Just “vegetarian” is usually (but not always) understood to mean “ovo-lacto vegetarian.”

Regardless of whether they are vegetarian for ethical or health or other reasons, real vegetarians do not eat fish. Or any other product that required an animal’s death. Usually, ethical vegetarians won’t buy fur or leather, either.

Vegans only eat plant food. No meat, no dairy, no eggs, no honey, no animal products of any kind. Most vegans are in it for ethical reasons, so usually they won’t buy fur, leather, wool, silk, etc., and they try to avoid animal products elsewhere, like gelatin in film or natural hair paint brushes. Of course it’s impossible to be 100% pure vegan. Most people just do the best they can, but it is easy to get overzealous.

However, like I said before, no normal, mentally stable vegan would have a problem with breastfeeding. is a good site for what-do-vegans-do.

I can’t believe they fed their daughter nuts. NUTS! You don’t feed nuts to infants.

They deserve to have the book thrown at them.

Speaking as a vegan, these folks obviously have several screws loose. They’re even unclear on the concept of what “vegetarian” even means, let alone “vegan.” Mommy’s breast milk is well within the range of acceptable nutrition for even the strictest vegan, because vegan means against cruelty to animals. Numskulls like this are a disgrace to vegans and Fox News should have been more responsible than to report this as a “vegan” story because it IS NOT. They have the same relation to vegans that September 11 hijackers have to Islam.

Not to mention the fact that they gave her-hello!-COD-liver oil!


That’s what I mean, Guin. Fish is nonvegetarian, so the word “vegan” should never have been linked with this story. I denounce Fox News for their misleading headline.

Perhaps these idiots were claiming to be “vegan” though…just wondering.

I mean, why else would they not breast feed?


Otto & Futile: Get a grip, will you? In the US, there are different types of vegetarian. Don’t like it? Write your own dictionary and get it accepted by the majority of people. Vegan is what folks in the US call vegetarians who don’t eat any animal product.

Lunatic: Thanks.

An addendum to my posting above:

My point is that there are different definitions applying to vegetarianism. I kind of like to say that it’s almost like different sects in a religion. Some folks don’t eat animals of any sort and some will consume fish, not considering them as really animals because they don’t walk or fly. Of course, this kind of makes me wonder how they deal with lungfish or walking catfish. Like I said above, I’m of the ovo-lacto variety. And, yes, some people say that means I’m not really vegetarian. I say they need to get a grip.

And, nothing against the poster toadspittle, but “toadspittlearian” is, shall we say, a bit too descriptive. I thought it was the sweat, not the spit, people used to get high?

Hope this posting “friendlied” it up some.

Not that I’m planning to do so, but why?

“C’mon, sweetie, doncha want a nice big pistachio?”

Snoooopy: Nuts are risky because they are commons allergens. Some people believe early exposure can trigger an allergy whereas waiting until 1 or 2 years of age before offering nuts might keep that from being the case. Anyway, a baby has such a little airway… if it started swelling, things can get dangerous even faster than in adults.

They’re also one hell of a choking hazard.

I have plenty of vegetarian and vegan friends who breastfeed; in fact, they’ve tended to breastfeed much longer than my non-vegan pals

Huh? I’m sorry but vegetarianism expressly means excluding all animal flesh from your diet. So “pesco-vegetarian” is not a “type” of vegetarian. You can stick them together and call it anything you want, but that doesn’t make it any type of vegetarinism.

Hey! Us too! Veganism is a “type” of vegetarianism. Your point?

This is the no. 1 concern about giving nuts to small children, far more than allergies. They’re just the right size to block an airway, and hard enough that the child might have difficulty chewing it and so attempt to swallow it whole.

Evidently, my point is that Futile, at least, doesn’t want to understand the written word. Nor even my follow-on post.

Good grief.