Vegas, Baby

As of late last year, Wicked Spoon is still my favorite Vegas buffet. Bellagio isn’t bad but it feels “old,” for lack of a better word. Maybe “conservative” is more descriptive?

Go see Cirque du Soleil “O”, get good but not great seats (if you’re in the splash zone you can’t get the full panorama). It’s really good and is the only Cirque show worth the price of admission IMHO. Love was boring, Zumanity wasn’t half as sexy as billed, Mystere is just confusing.

Opinions vary though.

If you like off-the-wall history, and can get away from the strip (by cab, or rented car), try the Atomic Testing Museum:

I recommend Penn and Teller - best magicians in the World. There’s a reason they have a long-standing show in their own theatre at the Rio Hotel.

If you must play roulette, do not play on a table with 2 zeros. Also don’t play at any BJ table that offers 6/5 on a BJ.

Roulette has the worst odds of any of the major casino games. If you learn to play craps and bet the “right way” and always back it up with maximum free odds, you’ll have the best odds of any major casino game. It’s also fun.

I like Penn and Teller and have been watching their act for decades on TV. I went to the show last year in Vegas for the first time and I was a bit disappointed. Certainly it was good magic and banter, but it honestly felt small and kinda cheap. The theater is pretty stale, there’s not much in the way of production value and the guys seemed to be somewhat on autopilot. Understandable considering that it’s been a standard for as long as it has, but as a fan I was let down some. It didn’t scream “Vegas!” to me and it didn’t hold a candle to their TV specials.

A local gentleman at the Killing Fields in Cambodia once offered to let me shoot a cow with a machine gun, for a small fee of course. I didn’t take him up on it then, and I doubt I’ll fire any off in Vegas.

Heh. This is reminding me too much of the BJ bars in Bangkok. I think I’ll stick to calling it blackjack. :wink:

Just a few weeks to go before we are supposed to fly out, and we’re hoping we’ll get to go, what with rumors that domestic travel could soon face restrictions. But we’re acting on the assumption that we will go, so thanks for all the suggestions thus far.

Tipping: How is that these days? Still good to leave a couple bucks on the pillow for the room cleaner? How about blackjack dealers and cocktail waitresses bringing you your free drinks?

My general rules are: $1/drink for the cocktail waitresses. If you want really attentive service, tip them $5 on the first drink and $1 thereafter. Dealers get a bet made for them regularly and $5-10 tossed in when I get up from the table. Housekeeping should get $20 every day (Would you want that job?) This will also get you multiple towels, shampoos, etc. and get your room at the top of the “Clean now” list.

Hit Parasol Up at Wynn and ask for Lizbeth.

Really? $20?

I wouldn’t want a lot of jobs, but $20 is simply not a reasonable amount, sorry. I don’t know what ritzy hotels you stay in, but that is a significant percentage of what I’d pay for a Vegas hotel.

It absolutely does not; Keno does, and it’s not a close call at all; Keno house edges range between 20 and 30 percent, and it’s maybe the biggest game they have that isn’t a slot machine.

The house edge on single-zero roulette is 2.7% and at double zero is 5.3%. That is
consistent with a lot of “poker” themed table games, like Caribbean stud or Mississippi stud, and of course that’s assuming the player plays ideal strategy, which I assure you they rarely do. (You can’t play strategy at all in roulette.)

A lot, if not most, of the buffets are closed now. A lot of shows are going dark.

There may not be much to do in Vegas next month, which is giving us a bit of anxiety as we have an event scheduled there over Easter weekend. Waiting to hear if it’s on or not.

I don’t recall the price, but we really enjoyed the Neon Museum and its “Brilliant!” show.

A full roulette table moves slowly so, yes a double zero wheel has worse odds than craps or 3:2 blackjack but those games usually move faster. You’ll often get good cocktail service there as well. And, of course, there is no strategy involved so you don’t have to worry about getting sloppy if the alcohol hits.

Yes, that will be a bummer. But as long as the planes are flying, we’re going. It will be too much hassle to unarrange everything. Still a few weeks away.

Did Cirque Du Soliel (Mystere, I believe) and went to the Atomic Testing Museum. Which is it’s own category. Interesting, if you’re interested in that type of stuff. You might want to take a taxi - we walked from Bellagio, but it wasn’t really hot yet.

We have enjoyed all the Cirque Du Soliel shows we’ve seen. However it seems they are now on hiatus, according to their FAQs.

Given the communicability of COVID-19 I would really advise against going to Vegas right now, and I say that as a guy who thinks it’s the greatest place on earth.

The one thing they aren’t closing yet are the casinos and those are the germiest places of all. There is nothing on this planet dirtier than a casino chip.

It’s not significant where we stay. My days of Motel 6 are long over. $20 may be an unreasonable amount, but I am an unreasonable person. There is no tipping like over-tipping. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still several weeks away, so we’re waiting to see. As of this writing though, it’s still on. (Having practically lived in Thailand’s bars for decades, I bet I could show you something dirtier than a casino chip. :wink: )

Still, if I tip Housekeeping $20 a night, I would expect something more than extra towels, and that could prove awkward with the wife right there in the room.

Does anyone have a more reasonable rate to tip Housekeeping?

Most people will tell you that $5 is standard.

Just announced: All MGM hotels and casinos to temporarily close indefinitely: