Vegas Locations (photographic)

Week after next I’ll be in Vegas for a week and I’ll be shooting some models for a friend’s clothing boutique and my wife’s jewelry. Probably half a dozen models and nothing more risque than a bit of cleavage so I can shoot in a public place but I need some good ideas of where to shoot that might look good and hopefully I won’t get kicked out of. I’ve thought of the bridges in front of the Venetian or in front of the fountain at the Bellagio but am open to any other ideas. We’ll be there early in the week so may be able to schedule a time when traffic is lightest perhaps in the morning when sunlight isn’t so harsh.

Assuming you’re not going with a phalanx of gear, but will be just shooting photos like a tourist, most places ought to be fine.

Some nice places from my most recent trip:

  • The fountain in front of Paris (the casino)

  • Caesar’s Palace has a bunch of good locations, especially near/inside the new Caesar’s Shop’s annex at the north end. Look for the spiraling escalators.

  • The outdoor bird garden at the Flamingo Hilton is good for medium- and close-up shots.

  • Similarly, the indoor garden at the Bellagio is a good spot. Lots of sunlight, too.

The famous Welcome To Las Vegas sign is on the middle island of The Strip, a little south of Mandalay Bay.

And unless you are set on specific locations, just hit The Strip early in the AM and you will find hundreds of perfect backgrounds. Plus, most casinos allow limited photography even in the casinos these days, unlike the ban of the old days.

If you want desert shots, try Red Rock Canyon - about 30 minute drive from The Strip.

How about a freeway bridge or an oil refinery?